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The results of “GIFTS EXPO. AUTUMN 2011”

International Specialized Trade Fairs “GIFTS EXPO. AUTUMN 2011” - “HOUSEWARE EXPO. AUTUMN 2011” - “COSTUME JEWELLERY AND ACCESSORIES. AUTUMN 2011” were successfully held on the 19 – 22 of September in OLYMPIC Complex and 20 – 23 of September in MANEZH Exhibition Complex in Moscow, Russia. The fairs opened new season of sales and purchases of gifts, business souvenirs, interior decorations, tableware, Christmas decorations and holiday products, costume jewellery and accessories.

“GIFTS EXPO. AUTUMN 2011” - “HOUSEWARE EXPO. AUTUMN 2011” - “COSTUME JEWELLERY AND ACCESSORIES. AUTUMN 2011” the only one exhibition project, which brings together a huge number of large, middle and small companies of gifts and tableware markets. Such concentrations of manufacturers, supplies and distributors of the same industry in the same place allows to admit “GIFTS EXPO” is the leading in the sector, determines the direction of future development of industry, show novelty and new trends in the market of gifts, tableware and jewellery.

For many years, the fairs save a leading position in it’s segment. Stability is achieved thanks to huge investments in advertising, which increasing every year. Bet on attractive new exhibitors and visitors from all over Russia and foreign countries. For the regular exhibitors the fairs is an opportunity to strengthen their credibility and image, for newcomers of business it’s a chance to declare itself loudly and to take their place.

About 600 exhibitors from 16 countries presented new products. Besides Russian companies there were foreign companies from Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, Latvia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Egypt, India, Iran, Belarus and Ukraine participated in the fairs. At MANEZH Exhibition Complex collective national pavilions from Japan, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Indonesia were organized.

“GIFTS EXPO. AUTUMN 2011” - “HOUSEWARE EXPO. AUTUMN 2011” - “COSTUME JEWELLERY & ACCESSORIES. AUTUMN 2011” the most anticipated and visited by specialist project. This autumn have been registered more than 29 000 visitors, 70% from regions of the RF and abroad, 30% from Moscow. Among them: producers, importers and distributors, buyers, regional dealers, wholesale companies, owners of specialized retail stores and salons, purchasing managers of big department stores and leading trade nets, household appliances shops, interior design companies, advertising agencies, corporate clients and many other Russian and foreign specialists.

Traditionally “GIFTS EXPO” includes the salons:
In the salon "GIFTS AND INTERIOR DECORATION" the leading companies have taken part: Remeco, Renaissance Style, Russkiye Podarky, Imperia Bogacho, Art-East, Megagift, Bibihouse, Green Country, Luxart, ENS-group, Izumrud, Glasar, Helios, Gift world, Lanix Corporation, Allwin, VS Reklama and many others.

The participants of the salon presented all variety of assortments: VIP-gifts, souvenirs from worldwide, gifts and souvenirs for interior decoration, decorative ceramics, glasses, porcelain, silver, bronze, leather, wood, textile, metal items, vases, figurines, souvenir arms, caskets and many others. By experts’ opinion, the quality and quantity growth of market is proceeding, the number of specialized shops, chain structures, suggesting gift assortment is expanding. Despite tough competition, the possibility of market entry of strong players is not excluded, only if they would be able to suggest new way in organization of business scheme and integrate fundamentally new ideas.

In the salon "BUSINESS SOUVENIRS AND CORPORATIVE GIFTS" were presented: Business gifts / Makros, eBazaar, Belka-Trading Company, Ledd Company, Oldim Group, VS Reklama, Brav, Briant, Gorodskoy Suvenir, Lawnard, Leningrad Mint Ltd, Logotip.ru, Makey, Salute Clock Factory, and many others.
In this salon you could see all the diversity of goods, which could be divided into three groups:
  • promo-souvenirs, souvenirs for mass distribution: pens, notebooks, charms, mugs, lighters and so on.
  • more expensive business souvenirs: expensive pens, business card holders, calculators, watches, diaries, calendars.
  • VIP-gifts or gifts for VIP persons, executives, strategic partners. Expensive, high-quality, often made of precious metals with precious and semiprecious stones, or antiques, books in the unique bindings, exclusive stationeries, stylish floor and wall clocks, rare antique tapestry or writing set, expensive alcohol, floor vases, pictures and reproductions, etc.

According to the participants’ point of view, different kinds of computer gadgets become more popular lately: usb-trees or table lamps, usb-cups, which are heated by a computer or usb-air freshener with essential oils. Among the unusual souvenirs there are the brushes for calligraphy, kits for art - canvas and oil, anti-stress fun toys, which are also popular, and much more.
If we assess the whole situation, for the present moment the market of business souvenirs feels stable and steady growth in both quantitative and qualitative indicators. Many large companies are planning not only to expand their assortment, but to increase the volume of purchases. One of the major trends is the gradual move away from standardized gifts to gifts with personalized, individual and recognizable style.

At the “CHRISTMAS & FESTIVE DECORATIONS” salon the following companies took part: FB-Team, Tsar’-Elka, Green country, Atlas-Art, Business-bouquet, ENS, MSM, Style-Ampire, VS Reklama, Alseed kompany, SK-Group, SK-Studio, Tree Line, VS Reklama and many others.
Fashion for the strict, restrained Christmas trees, inspired by western culture, with little number of decorations and plain colors, gradually fading away. New trend is magnificently decorated Christmas trees with lots of intricate colorful Christmas decorations and garlands. Main trends are nonstandard custom jewelry and hand made. These ornaments can be made of unconventional materials as the clay, wood, fabric and metal. It is very actually, if factory product looks like a hand-work of authorship, paintings in a folk style and a lot of colors are popular. And, of course, the major trend is the dragon, the symbol of 2012.
In general, the market of Christmas products is on the rise and this is due to the seasonality. Now the active sales season and preparations for the upcoming winter holidays began.

The salon of “TABLEWARE & DINING DECOR” was presented by the companies: Luxart, Renaissance style, Imperatorsky farfor, Bibihouse, Top Style Group, Lamira, Vikom, Decorator.ru, Valenti, Fortyna, La Favorita di Datteri M E C SNC Mezzaluna, Luxury Goods, Nao / LLardo, Lumgrand and others.

In this sector there are several tendencies which will be relevant throughout 2012:
  • Color
    Many manufacturers refuse from the simple, ascetic design using clear glass in favor of colored glass. Salad bowls and dishes, glasses, wine glasses, vases and candlesticks are made of colored glass. In table decor combination of several different colors is considered to be especially refined, importantly, that they were no more than three. Basic colors are: indigo, blue- tiffany, bright carrot, lavender, dark burgundy.

  • Irregular shape
    The asymmetry is still relevant: cups and plates with jagged edges, curves, like falling, vodka glasses, crooked, "defective" handle. Such dishes look very impressive, but lose in practicality and usability.

  • Pretentious luxury
    The most fashionable trend will be tableware sets and sumptuous sets, using gold, platinum and silver, a metal-plated, inlaid with crystals, semiprecious stones, and this applies not only cutlery and plates, but even frying pans and saucepans. Will be relevant hand-painting, enamel and sets of limited editions. Many manufacturers will turn to the style of pre-revolutionary and imperial Russia, would be used decorative elements based on the imperial and royal service.

  • Simulation
    A new direction - an imitation of the usual materials (porcelain, ceramic, glass) extrinsic textures and textures such as wood, fabric, lace. As well as the unusual design, for example, imitation of broken vase or chipped off the saucer. Such a solution looks very bold and extravagant.

  • Eco tableware
    Environmental and safety topic is also actively developing. Will be relevant again prints on the Zoological and Botanical themes. And some companies even use natural materials such as wood.
In the specialized exhibition “COSTUME JEWELLERY AND ACCESSORIES. AUTUMN 2011” are presented the main trends of the coming season, the latest collections of jewelry and accessories autumn 2011 - winter 2012 and spring - summer of 2012, as well as the novelties of leading companies and fashion houses. Among them: Trade House ESTET (Bijour Tresor, Ed-Hardy), French Style, Beauty Lend, Kameo Bis, Fashion House, Selena, Vianna Fashion Company, Lastoria, City Star, Iness M, Grey Stone, Michel Negrin, Calipso, Treffen, Georgio Ferreti, Yaroslavna Dobryanskaya, Sivaro Ellit and many others.

There are several trends for the coming year:
  • Vintage
    This trend has been popular for several years it will be on the rise this future season. 19th century style decorations, art deco, artificially aged metal, use of textiles and pearls – a distinctive feature of this trend. It also can be found in accessories: hats-flowers, pillbox hats with lace abundance, organza, feathers, strass, hairpins-combs and even fans.

  • Color and structures contrast
    The combination of two different metals, silver and gold, silver and bronze, white silver and scarlet in one decoration or in a set is very fashionable. The combination of different structures – smooth mirror and matte surfaces is also defined as a fashion trend.

  • Multi layers
    Multi layered jewellery and decorations are the most popular Fall / Winter 2012 fashion trends: necklaces with chains of different length and thickness, multi-colored bracelets-thongs fastened using several girth, with additional charms, huge knitted scarves wrapped several times around neck.

  • Somber colors
    Jewellery’s and accessories’ bright and rich colors which were fashion trends of previous season have been changed by subdued and quiet colors. The most popular colors are such cold shades as: blue, green, violet, white, beige, ash-brown, gray.

Exhibition “HOUSEWARE EXPO AUTUMN 2011” was introduced by: Cosmos Import and Export, Fujinos Co. (Hong Kong), Gyokkodou Seisakusho Co. (Japan), Hirota Glass Co. (Japan), Homma Co. (Japan), Kataoka and Co. (Japan), Lisi Group (Hong Kong), Ningbo Wugu Metallic Products Co. (China), RL Industry Co. (China), Sasage Kosan Inc. (Japan), Japanese industrial association of manufacturers of metal houseware, Amvit, Byorner East, Corporation Pembi, Vickom, Vityaz, Luxberi, La Favorita di Datteri M E C SNC Mezzaluna, Luxury Goods, Empire Bogacho, LuxDekor, Medtehnokom, Meteoskan, Studio of Art glass, Tadzh Makhal, Tiarella, Leonti, Tiraspol Factory of Hardware, Todzhiro, Frybest, Hjulja, Samura, Djatkovsky Crystal, Gobelin Club, Object of dream, Wowhow Clever things, BPS-NIKO Inter, Brizol, Gamma Plast, Company of Mylovarov, Gloria Servis M and others.

The wide assortment of tableware from porcelain, ceramics, glasses, metal, plastic, table layout subjects, goods for kitchen, HoReCa, has been presented by the companies-participants from SWA under support of Japan Metal Houseware Industry Association, The Hong Kong Exporters' Association, and Taiwan Gift & Houseware Exporters' Association. This isn't surprising, 66 % of tableware import in the Russian market has Asian countries of origin.

To estimate a situation generally many exhibition participants mark strong demand on kitchen and tableware of medium and premium segment and assortment increase. Today the market is in a stable position, without acute fluctuations in positive as well as in negative side.

On the exhibition project “GIFTS. AUTUMN 2011” “HOUSEWARE EXPO. AUTUMN 2011” “COSTUME JEWELLERY AND ACCESSORIES. AUTUMN 2011” solemn rewarding of the companies was held in following nominations:

“Honored partner of the year”:
  • The Hong Kong Exporters' Association
  • Taiwan Gift & Houseware Exporters' Association
  • Japan Metal Houseware Industry Association
  • Embassy of Indonesia, Trade Department

“The best design of the stand”: “Askent”

“The most stylish stand”: “Remeco”, “Bibihouse”, “ENS”, “Samura”

“The best products presentation at the stand”: “Russkie Podarky”, “FB-Team”, “Imperatorsky farfor”

“Glorious Mood”: “Business-bouquet”, “Tsar’- Elka”, “Vianna Fashion Company”

“The best creative idea of the stand”: “Estet”, “Preciosa”, “Tojiro”

“Active Advertiser”: “Renaissance style”

More information about the fairs – exhibitions list, exhibitor’s comments, photo- and video reports and statistic you can find at official web-sites www.gifts-expo.com and www.houseware-expo.com
Welcome to the fairs at Moscow, Russia:


19 – 22 March 2012 at MANEZH Exhibition Complex
18 – 21 September 2012 at GOSTINY DVOR and MANEZH Exhibition Complexes

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