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The biggest in Eastern Europe International Exhibition project "GIFTS EXPO" "CHRISTMAS & FESTIVE DECORATIONS" "HOUSEWARE EXPO" "COSTUME JEWELLERY & ACCESSORIES" "FASHION JEWELLERY" "CELEBRATION INDUSTRY" - MOSCOW CLOCK AND WATCH will be held on 14 - 17 of March and on 19 22 of September 2017 in Moscow, Russia in the GOSTINY DVOR Exhibition Complex.

The exhibition project "GIFTS EXPO" reflects the main trends in the development of the world production of gift products, interior items, tableware, business gifts, corporate gifts, Christmas and festive products, Christmas trees and Christmas decorations, costume jewelry and accessories, jewelry, watches, goods for organizing and conducting of celebration events.
The concept of the exhibition project is to establish direct contacts between manufacturers, distributors, suppliers and customers of products.

Exhibition project is an effective business platform for successful commercial negotiations and professional exchange of brand new information. Convenient location in the very center of Moscow, wide range of products, exclusive expensive goods as well as goods of middle and low price segment, high visitors' attendance and different visitors' profiles form a high level event.

Presentations of new brands and already well-known brands, the abundance of marketing information, business communication with partners and the atmosphere of the fiesta, reigning on the exhibition project, attract representatives of the business community. The exhibition project provides a unique opportunity for a short period to get acquainted with a wide range of high-quality products and trends in the industry.

The exhibition project "GIFTS" reflects the main trends in the development of the world production of gift products, interior items, dishes, business gifts, corporate gifts, Christmas and festive products, Christmas trees and Christmas decorations, jewelry and accessories, jewelry, watches, goods for organizing and conducting Celebrations.

Every year the exhibition project grows and develops, the participants - leading companies of the industry - prepare for the exhibition in advance, each time they demonstrate to the customers new, unique and high-quality products of different price category. Exhibitors present new thematic handmade collections made in limited edition.


In the salon "GIFTS AND INTERIOR DECORATION" the whole variety of assortment is presented: souvenirs from worldwide, gifts and souvenirs for decoration of interior, decorative products made of ceramics, glass, porcelain, silver, bronze, leather, wood, textiles and other materials, interior decoration in Retro style, ethnic decor items, vases, figurines, souvenir weapons, caskets, decorative furniture, watches, phytodesign, paintings, art reproductions, posters, tapestries, handmade carpets, lighting, fireplaces, statues, garden figures, decor Knit and armor, art forging, eco-gifts (natural cosmetics, handmade soaps, interior items and decor from natural and environmentally friendly materials), gastronomic gifts (fruit and chocolate bouquets, fountains, alcoholic, coffee and tea sets), handmade gifts and souvenirs, kits for creativity and hobbies and much more.

In the salon "TABLEWARE AND DINING DECOR" there is a wide assortment of tableware and table decoration: tableware made of glass, crystal, porcelain, ceramics, metal and other materials, exclusive tableware, cutlery, tea, coffee, table sets, table decor, home textiles and much more.

In the salon "BUSINESS GIFTS, SOUVENIRS, ELITE STATIONERY" presented VIP-gifts, business gifts, promotional products, business leather goods, printing and premium products, gift wrap, creative solutions for corporate gifts and gift items, electronic gadgets, luxury stationery.

At the exhibition "CHRISTMAS & FESTIVE DECORATIONS" the leading manufacturers and suppliers represent a wide range of New Year and festive products: artificial Christmas trees, Christmas decorations and ornaments, holiday decorations for interior and shop windows, costumes and accessories, pyrotechnics, lighting design (Electrogarlands, illumination), tableware and dining decor, accessories with New Year's symbols, a symbol of the year in the form of figurines and toys, services of holiday agencies and other.

At the exhibition "HOUSEWARE EXPO" presents a wide range of dishes, tableware, table decorations, cutlery, tea, coffee, dinner sets, home textiles, kitchen goods, interior items, floral decorations, lighting fixtures and much more.

At the exhibition "COSTUME JEWELLERY AND ACCESSORIES" - "FASHION JEWELLERY" presents the main trends of the upcoming season, exclusive and everyday jewelry, men's, women's and children's jewelry, hair accessories, watches, scarves, shawls, scarves, stoles, gloves, belts, bags, Evening clutches, leather goods, accessories made of leather and fur, of artificial and natural flowers, hats, umbrellas, beauticians, packaging for jewelry and accessories and much more.

At the exhibition MOSCOW CLOCK AND WATCH Russia's leading manufacturers and suppliers represent a variety of products: wall clock, table clock, mantel clock, long-case clock, cuckoo clocks, electronic, mechanical, quartz clock, watches for men and women, classic, sports and pocket watches. Stable for the past ten years, the cost of participation in the exhibition project, extensive advertising campaign on TV and radio, in 120 specialized magazines and Internet portals, sending 600,000 invitations to industry experts, corporate clients, government officials - all this allows companies to successfully participate and visit the exhibition project.

The exhibition project "GIFTS EXPO" - " CHRISTMAS & FESTIVE DECORATIONS HOUSEWARE EXPO " - "COSTUME JEWELLERY & ACCESSORIES - FASHION JEWELLERY MOSCOW CLOCK AND WATCH is characterized by a wide range of visitors-specialists, among them: buyers, distributors, representatives of wholesale purchasing companies, directors and purchasing managers of specialized shops, online stores, advertising agencies, event-agencies, representatives conducting procurement, corporate customers - they are representatives of government, the State Duma, Moscow Duma, city administrations, public organizations, transnational corporations , banks, VIP-guests, and many others. The geography of visitors of the exhibition project is wide, exhibitions specialists come from 214 cities of Russia, CIS and foreign countries: from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk to Kaliningrad and from Murmansk to Ashgabat, from Crimea and Kazahstan.

At the exhibition project "GIFTS EXPO" , participants enter into business contracts with network stores to supply goods to the retail network. The list of retail chains that visited the "GIFTS EXPO - 2016" project: Fashion House (Moscow), MARWIN/Meloman (Moscow), Avant-garde / Infiniti-Art (Moscow), Autograph (Moscow), Azbuka (Yakutsk), Entourage (Nizhny Tagil), Argument (Moscow), Auchan (Moscow), Belle Parfum (Moscow), Hypercenter-Development (Moscow), City Supermarket (Moscow), Promresurs Group / TS "Europe" (Kursk), Decor project (Irkutsk), Children's (Moscow), House of Flowers (Vologda), House-Premier / GALLERY OF GIFTS / Palladium (Tula), Euroshop Russland (Moscow), Green Street (Ulyanovsk), We Know Play (Ulyanovsk), Empire P Tula, Chancellor Center (Ryazan), Komus (Moscow), Leroy Merlin (Moscow), Logistic center / chain of stores Doka (Irkutsk), Logos-Internet (Moscow), Butterflies (Moscow), Shop "Europe" (Moscow), the Moscow Book House (Moscow), the Nexus-PAC (Moscow), the New Book / Chitai-Gorod (Moscow), Sand and Flame (Moscow), Picadilly (Obninsk) , Planet of hobbies (Moscow), Correct toys (Moscow), Rogachev and K (Smolensk), Retail K-1 (Barnaul), retail network "CORAL" (Kaluga), Rubin / SP Onishchenko NA (Stavropol), Samson-Opt (Voronezh), SANGALF (Moscow), Santim (Togliatti), Chain of stores "Your House" (Tula), Chain stores "Inlava" (Moscow), Chain stores "KARANDASH" (Moscow), Silverhoff (Moscow), SMIC RUS (Moscow), Snovedenie (Khabarovsk), Metropolitan Trading Company / GLOBUS GURME (Moscow), Happy day / SP Horoshavina AL (Yoshkar-Ola), TD GLOBUS (Voronezh), TD HOLDING CENTER (Moscow), TH Pik 39 / Rada 39 LLC (Kaliningrad), Television Trading Network (Moscow), TC Your Home (Moscow), Trading Network Dimon (Moscow), Trading House Bars-1 (Ryazan), Trading House Etalon (Moscow), Trading Holding Lotos (Petrozavodsk), TF Children's World (Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky), Snail / SP Vdovin VA (Moscow), Firm "Mart" (Smolensk), Fito-trade (Novokuznetsk), Floria (Tver), Citadel (Vologda), ETALON / Lamira (Moscow), Amway (Moscow), Vyatka-TSUM (Kirov), Grief Moscow, Kommersant (Smolensk region), Kursk Central Department Store (Kursk), Crockery Tut (Yakutsk), Crockery Ts (Kazan), Crockery yard (Murmansk), Regional wholesale trade center (Voronezh region), START- , Tver Trade House ZAVOLZHSKY (Tver), Trade House Intour / JSC Intur-Khabarovsk (Khabarovsk), TD TESA (Ivanovo), Trade House Ukraine Tyumen Region, TDF (Moscow), Triada (Sakhalin Region) Uyut Market (Syktyvkar), TSUM (Small NSC), Electronic Technologies (Moscow), UTIS (Taganrog). In their comments, the participants express their gratitude to the organizers and managers of the project. "The only exhibition that wholesale companies from Russia and CIS come to" - so the participants say about the exhibition project "GIFTS EXPO".

For more information, please contact the organizing committee of the exhibition by phone (495) 729-31-38, 972-48-31.

Free ticket for specialists can be obtained by filling in the online registration form on the official website of the exhibition and

We invite you to take part and visit exhibition project "GIFTS EXPO" "CHRISTMAS & FESTIVE DECORATIONS" "HOUSEWARE EXPO" "COSTUME JEWELLERY & ACCESSORIES" "FASHION JEWELLERY" MOSCOW CLOCK AND WATCH 14-17 of March and 19-22 of September 2017 in "GOSTINY DVOR" Exhibition Complex", Moscow, Russia.

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