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REMECO, wholesale of gifts and souvenirs
Egorova O. – head of PR-department:
-Our company is a permanent participant of “GIFTS EXPO” trade fair during many years. We regularly update assortment of our products, concept of booth design for attraction of attention of new customers and clients. At the fair we actively promote our brand, that’s why we always have positive results! Our booth was visited by specialists and directors of large companies from regions of the Russian Federation – about 60% and from Moscow – 40%. See you at the Autumn fair!

BOGACHO, produce of interior decorations, figurines, authors dolls
Smirnova V. – director:
- Great exhibition! Year by year the fair keeps high professional level. There are always a lot of the trade visitors searching new partners and products. Everything was good! We will participate at “GIFTS EXPO. AUTUMN 2014”.

Koposova V. – commercial director:
-Excellent exhibition! We participate for the third time and planning further annual participation in the spring and autumn editions. The majority of visitors are our target clients. The exhibition visited by specialists from more than 20 regions of the Russian Federation!

BUMBARAM.RU, import and wholesale of gifts, souvenirs, toys
Ermilin I. – head of sales department:
- Our company participates at “GIFTS EXPO” regularly. There was high professional level of organization of the exhibition, a lot of visitors from Moscow, regions of the RF, foreign countries. We will participate in further project!

BELL MANUFACTURING COMPANY, produce of elite souvenirs – big and small bronze bells
Podorogny B. – director:
- We had positive impressions from the exhibition! We are satisfied with the results! Business communication with customers, conclusion of contracts – all of this helps to promotion and development of our company. There were a lot of trade visitors from other cities and regions, among them were wholesalers, businessmen, corporate clients. Surely we will participate in the next exhibition.

AZIMUT, produce of goods made of willow rod
Kyvshinova E. – director:
- The large part of visitors of “GIFTS EXPO” was wholesale customers. For our company it’s very important factor. At this exhibition we have an opportunity to meet our audience and our potential clients.

AD-VANTAGE, produce of gifts, interior items for home and office
Arekhov D. – director:
- Our company is new at gifts and souvenirs market. For presentation of our company and products we chose “GIFTS EXPO”, which unites all leading companies of the market and attracts thousands of trade visitors, wholesalers from all regions of the Russian Federation and foreign countries. Participation in “GIFTS EXPO” is a great opportunity to advertise itself!


DRIVEMOTION, produce and wholesale of souvenirs and gifts
Syshkova E. – head of sales department:
-“GIFTS EXPO” – excellent business platform! The exhibition was visited by specialists from different regions of Russia. The geography of visitors constantly expands. We are planning to participate in the next exhibition.

AKRISTO, produce and wholesale of souvenirs
Karachyn O. – director:
-“GIFTS EXPO” is a professional business event. The main companies of the gifts market are always presented at the fair. The exhibition helps to analyses situation in the market, to learn new trends and tendencies, to find novelties and creative ideas. More than 70% of trade visitors arrived from the regions of the Russian Federation and other countries.

PRESTIGE, produce of souvenirs
Pilipenko P. – director:
- Excellent exhibition with large number of participants and trade visitors! Convenient location of exhibition complex, business atmosphere, high attendance and professional level of visitors – all of this makes the exhibition the leader of industry!

ECOLOFT, distribution and wholesale of textile reusable bags, laptop and iPAD sleeves
Nikonova O. – deputy director:
- The exhibition was visited by many wholesale clients and corporate customers from the central Russia and CIS countries. “GIFTS EXPO” - an effective business event for presentation of new products and advertising of company. It’s help to search new clients. Surely we will participate in the next exhibition, 16-19 September 2014!

ARTMECHANICUS. COM, produce of kinetic sculptures and corporate gifts
Bazhenov B. – designer:
- Excellent organization of the event, convenient work hours for participants and visitors. All organization problems were resolved quickly and professionally. There were many visitors from Moscow - 50%, regions of the RF - 40% and from the CIS and foreign countries – about 10%.

BINDING WORKSHOP BOOKS AS A GIFT, produce of books leather cover, VIP wrapping, leather accessories and souvenirs
Sudarikov V. – director:
- Positive impressions! Beautiful and spacious exhibition complex, convenient location in the very center of the city, a lot of trade visitors. We liked everything! Waiting for the further cooperation!

Gromazskyi M. – manager:
- Good organization of the exhibition. Among trade visitors were representatives of Moscow companies as well as regional, territorial coverage – all Russia. Professional level of visitors is different. We wish organizers good luck and prosperity!

PICASSO, produce and wholesale of confectionery, floristic design
Tsenterova E. – director:
- Our company participates in the exhibition for the second time. Everything was great! Modern and beautiful fair ground, professional trade visitors, a lot of participants. Our booth was visited by corporate clients, organizers of celebrations, representatives of event-agencies, decorators and floristic designers. We wish organizers success!


IMPERIA FARFORA MONEMA, produce of porcelain
Agababyan A. – director:
- Our company presents products at “TABLEWARE & DINING DECOR” salon regularly. The exhibition is very productive, it helps to present our new collections to the wide professional audience. We hope that the salon will be extended and there will be more participants with porcelain production. See you in the Autumn fair!

SUVENIR-DEKOL, produce of glass, crystal and porcelain tableware decorated with gold; gift sets of tableware
Pechorin V. – director:
- The spring exhibition was good! There were many trade visitors, 60% - from Moscow, 40% - from regions of the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan. Our products attracted a lot of specialists and customers. We hope to get new orders soon! We will participate in the next fair, September 16-19!

SIN ROSSII, produce of porcelain folk art craft Gzhel
Ambaryan A. – marketing manager:
- Our products were presented at the “GIFTS EXPO” for the first time. It’s was great, results surpassed all our expectations! Surely we will participate in the next exhibition. There were a lot of wholesale buyers and customers, 70% - from regions of the Russian Federation, 15% - from Moscow and 5% - from foreign countries. Thanks for the excellent organization!

DIKTUM-ART, produce of glass holders
Tsitsarkina O. – manager:
- Good fair organization. There were a lot of participants with various assortment of production. It helps to attract attention of trade visitors from different areas and regions of the Russian Federation. Our booth was visited by wholesalers, corporate customers, advertising agencies, managers of trade networks. We are planning to participate in the next exhibition.


PREMIUM CLASSIC, wholesale of Christmas and Easter goods
Beirutov S. – director:
- Our company constantly participate at “GIFTS EXPO” - “CHRISTMAS & FESTIVE DECORATIONS” trade fairs. Every year “CHRISTMAS & FESTIVE DECORATIONS” extend, every edition we find out new participants and representatives of the Christmas market. The exhibition develops and grows. We will participate at 16-19 September 2014.

ÀRÒ2À / KOMOZJA, produce of Christmas glass souvenirs
Okhotnikova E. – manager:
- High professional level of the fair! There were a lot of specialists from different cities and regions of Russia. All main players of Christmas market participated at this fair. The exhibition continues developing and growing, attracts new participants and visitors.

ELITE, produce of Christmas goods
Prishepa L. – director:
- At the exhibition we presented exclusive glass Christmas-tree decorations, which were very popular among wholesale buyers and representatives of shops and distribution networks. Every year the exhibition becomes bigger and bigger. We wish good luck and further progress!

MIR DACHNICA, wholesale of New Year artificial trees
Krasnov A. – director:
- Our company participated at “CHRISTMAS & FESTIVE DECORATIONS” in “GOSTINY DVOR” Exhibition Complex for the first time. Results were excellent! About 90% of trade visitors were representatives of the regional companies and trade networks, shops. Surely our company will participate in the next Autumn exhibition and we hope to become constant participants. Thanks to organizers!

URiTA, produce of Christmas tree decorations, handmade toys, balls
Oleneichuk B. – director:
- Our company is one of leading producers of New Year tree decorations in the Ukraine. The Russian market is very perspective for us. Participation in “CHRISTMAS & FESTIVE DECORATIONS” will help us to find new Russian clients and study the Russian market. We will participate in Autumn exhibition!

YOLOCHKA, produce of Christmas tree decorations of glass
Galkina A. – head of sales department:
- There were a lot of high professional visitors: wholesalers, corporate clients and customers, representatives of state authorities and city’s administrations, trade networks and shops. They were looking for new assortment and productions of Christmas and New Year decorations. The exhibition was very colorful, there were a lot of participants with unique and creative goods. Surely we will be among participants of next “CHRISTMAS & FESTIVE DECORATIONS. AUTUMN 2014”!


PERFECT MARKETING, wholesale of houseware
Chul’yak T. – director:
- The exhibition was visited by specialists of different professional level and from many cities of Russia, CIS and foreign countries. Among them there were large wholesalers and representatives of famous trade networks and department stores, as well as individual entrepreneurs, representatives of online shops and owners of small shops. The exhibition was very successful for us!

LANIX CORPORATION, distribution and wholesale of houseware, clocks, household appliances
Hvan Bu Yen – director:
- As always, the exhibition was excellent! There were many specialists from Moscow – 30% and from regions of the Russian Federation – 70%. We had many new contacts and hope it will bring results soon. We will participate in the exhibition again.

BAMBOO INTERIOR, wholesale of wickerwork and bamboo products, textiles
Panok M. – director:
- Great! Our booth was visited by many representatives of regional trade networks and Moscow customers. The assortment of presented items of the fair was very wide. Participants presented exclusive and expensive goods, as well as products in low price segment. We wish all the best to all participants!

FEILER ELITE, wholesale of home textile
Gyibina L. – director:
- It’s a professional business event with high attendance of visitors. Very beautiful and convenient exhibition complex, which is easy to find for visitors from other cities of the RF and foreign countries. Everything was nice! We wish organizers of further prosperity!

trade fair

LANGERY, wholesale trade of costume jewellery
Durasov M. – director:
- Everything was at the top level from arrival to the fair to amazing exhibition complex, which is located in the very center of Moscow! There were a lot of visitors from regions of the RF - almost 85% and from Moscow – about 15%. The fair is colorful with various themes of goods. The list of participants always updated with new companies.

DOLPHIN ORE, import and wholesale of high qualified costume jewellery
Koginov I. – commercial director:
- Well-located exhibition complex, comfortable business climate, professional organization, careful attitude to every participant, high qualified visitors. We wish organizers good luck! See you soon!

SHADIS, distribution and wholesale of costume jewellery and bijouterie of European brands
Shadis V. – director:
- There were a lot of wholesalers, who looking for new goods and partners. Geography of visitors is very wide: 50% - from Moscow and Moscow area, 40% - from other regions and cities of the Russian Federation and about 10% - from foreign countries. “COSTUME JEWELLERY & ACCESSORIES” is a really workable business fair, where we meet new buyers.

DOLLIPOPS, wholesale of costume jewellery and hair accessories
Fominuh O. – director:
- Wonderful fair, positive impressions! Visitors were high-qualified specialists. They knew exactly what products they need and analyzed the situation in the Russian market of costume jewellery and accessories. 70% of visitors were from Moscow, 30% - from region of Russia. We are satisfied with everything! See you in September, 16-19 in “GOSTINY DVOR” Exhibition Complex!

ANNA BIBLO, representative of Italian brand on the territory of Russia
Kravchenko S. – owner of show room:
- Our company participated in “COSTUME JEWELLERY & ACCESSORIES” for the first time. We noticed very high attendance, especially there were a lot of specialists from the Russian regions, who come to Moscow to visit this exhibition, find out new goods and conduct contracts. We hope to reap benefits from the participation in the near future.

FASHION HOUSE, wholesale of costume jewellery and hair accessories
Gogoleva U. – head of development department:
- The exhibition was at the top level! There were specialists from different regions of Russia and foreign countries, many contacts and interesting offers. We have the most positive impressions!

DISALI, produce of exclusive costume jewellery
Rempel N. – director:
- Good exhibition! High attendance, well-located exhibition complex, many participants and various products assortment – all of these make the fair interesting and attractive to visitors. Thanks to organizers!

STILE ITALIANO, import and wholesale of fashion jewellery
Samorodova A. – brand manager:
- Our booth was very popular among trade visitors. Among them there were about 70% from regions of the Russian Federation: wholesalers, representatives of specialized salons and shops, designers. We liked this fair! It’s very beautiful and easy reachable exhibition complex in the very center of the city.

ORION, wholesale of gifts, costume jewellery and scarves
Ikonnikova E. – director:
- Exhibition results were satisfactory! There were a lot of visitors, especially from regions of Russia. For our company participation in “COSTUME JEWELLERY & ACCESSORIES” is an additional possibility to find new clients, analyses general situation in the market, learn new tendencies, trends and goods. Of course we will participate in the next fair.

FIORE-ART, produce of headdresses and accessories
Koptseva O. – director:
- We have positive impressions. There was presented wide assortment of fashion goods: bijouterie, jewellery, accessories and etc. The visitors were interested to find out new products and partners. We will participate in the Autumn fair as well!

VALERY GOLD JEWELLERY HOUSE, produce and wholesale of fashion jewellery, “gold stickers”
Konstunchenko D. – manager:
- Excellent trade fair, which growing and developing every year! There were a lot of visitors from Moscow, regions of Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other foreign countries. Very beautiful, spacious and light exhibition complex, which make comfort atmosphere. We were satisfied to work there. We wish good luck to organizers!

SILK PARADISE, produce of silk scarves, batik
Vinogradova E. – director:
- “COSTUME JEWELLERY & ACCESSORIES” is the best trade fair in this segment! There were a lot of wholesalers from different cities of the Russian Federation. Good luck!


APOLENA (Turkey), produce of textile interior accessories
Abdullah Shishman – commercial director:
- The Russian market is new for us. We hope participation in the exhibition will help to find representatives and partners in Moscow for importation our products in the territory of the Russian Federation. At the exhibition we communicated with potential partners, learned the market. Participation in “GIFTS EXPO” – “HOUSEWARE EXPO” was useful experience! Thanks for the invitation!

TANYEE COMPANY (China), produce of bamboo kitchenware, houseware, interior decoration
Sophia Zhang –sales manager:
- At the exhibition we met professional buyers and specialists from all over the Russia. There were presented the various goods: gifts, interior items, premiums and souvenirs, tableware and dining decor and etc. We hope to find new Russian customers soon. Thanks!

ZHONGSHAN DEBEIER ELECTRIC APPLIANCES (China), produce of electric appliances
Pascal Li – commercial director:
- The exhibition was visited by many specialists from regions of Russia - 80%. The geography of visitors was very wide. It shows popularity and authority of the exhibition among professionals of the market. We hope new contracts will be signed soon! We wish good luck to organizers!

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