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We would like to bring your attention to the exhibitors’ comments of “GIFTS EXPO. AUTUMN 2014” - “CHRISTMAS & FESTIVE DECORATIONS” – “HOUSEWARE EXPO” – “COSTUME JEWELLERY & ACCESSORIES” - "FASHION JEWELLERY" - "CELEBRATION INDUSTRY" exhibition project, which was successfully held on the 16 - 19 of September 2014 in “GOSTINY DVOR” Exhibition Complex, Moscow, Russia.


REMEKO, group of companies - wholesale gifts, souvenirs, New Year's production.
Egorova O. A. – Head of PR-department:
- It’s the best exhibition of this autumn. Exhibitors are large souvenir and gift companies. Our booth was visited by Moscow and regional wholesale customers, corporate clients: from regions – 70%, from Moscow – 30%. Organizers of the exhibition are professionals, creative managers fulfilling their own obligations. We are pleased with the exhibition, we will participate in 2015.

BOGACHO – high quality exclusive home decoration.
Smirnova V.A. – Head of corporate development department:
- We liked the exhibition "GIFTS EXPO. AUTUMN 2014" - "HOUSEWARE EXPO". Our expectations lived up to us. Organizers fulfilled their obligations, made a large advertising campaign and, as they mentioned, in a new direction. As a result, our booth was visited by more than 80% of new customers and by 20% of regular visitors. Among visitors the next generation of businessmen – young people has appeared. The exhibition differs from others in professional visitors – experts. These visitors came not from other exhibitions, but they were attracted by organizers thanks to advertising. Well done project – good advertising campaign was carried out! We will surely participate at exhibitions in 2015.

  SIMA-LAND - gifts, souvenirs, New Year's production, wholesale trade.
Zamarchugova Maria – manager:
- At the exhibition "GIFTS EXPO. AUTUMN 2014" we represented a new collection. The exhibition, as always, was organized at high professional level. Good attendance. Visitors – professionals of industry sector. The main group of visitors are 60% from regions of the Russian Federation and 40% from Moscow. The task to promote production in the Russian Federation is solved at the exhibition. We will surely participate in 2015.

  MONEMA - production, wholesale trade of exclusive ware and high quality souvenirs.
Agabakyan A. S. – Director General:
- Good exhibition, professional organization. Exhibitors are large companies with qualitative production. There are a lot of visitors – professionals such as wholesalers, directors of shops, officials. 50% of visitors is from the Russian Federation and 50% is from Moscow region. We will definitely participate in 2015.

  MANUFACTORY DUSHISTYYA RADOSTI - production of historical gifts of author's design, wholesale and retail trade.
Bakushina D. A. – Deputy Director:
- The exhibition is pleasant. Everything is organized well. Exhibitors are gift companies with a wide choice of qualitative production. Visitors are professionals who arrived from all Russia! We received a lot of orders. We will participate in the “GIFTS EXPO – 2015”. We wish success to organizers.

  ART AND DESIGN, group of companies - polygraphy and high quality souvenir products, 20 years in the market.
Yatskevich Anna – Marketing manager:
- We have a good impression. At the exhibition there are a lot of participants with various gift and New Year's production. Russian, European, Asian production is presented widely. “GIFTS EXPO” exhibition provides businessmen “production entry” into all Russian regional market. We are very pleased with the organization. A lot of visitors from regions, many orders were secured. We are thankful to organizers. We will participate in the “GIFTS EXPO” exhibition in 2015.  

POMOR SOUVENIR - producer, wholesale souvenirs from the North.
Bashkirev E. M. – Representative of the company:
- The exhibition was pleasant. The thematic gift production is presented widely, the quality of production is high The participants were from different regions of Russia representing national gifts and souvenirs. We are thankful to organizers. They attracted new exhibitors and visitors. We consider that a big advertising campaign was carried out very effectively, there were a lot of new visitors differing in professionalism, generally youth, 50% - from Russia Federation and 50% - from Moscow and Moscow area.  

SUVENIRY PLUS - producer of souvenirs made of cedar since 2006, corporate souvenirs.
Kokorin O. L. – Executive Director:
- We liked the exhibition very much, we received good results. We were visited by the qualified professional heads of companies, owners of shops, officials of high level. No doubt, such visitors satisfy inquiries of any exhibitor. 10% is from Moscow, 70% is from the European part of Russia, 20% - east part (beyond the Urals). We will surely participate in “GIFTS EXPO” project of 2015.  

KOROBOCHKA – gift packing.
Shevchenko E. V. – Director-General:
- We are constant participants of “GIFTS EXPO” exhibition. We consider this exhibition to be useful for ourselves. Visitors are not laymen, and they know what they want – they are target audience. Many people arrived from regions of the Russian Federation. We will participate at exhibitions "GIFTS EXPO. SPRING 2015" and "GIFTS EXPO. AUTUMN 2015".  

YUNIKON - gifts, souvenirs, quality home decoration, wholesale trade, 12 years in the market.
Solonitsyna O. A. – Commercial Director:
- We participated at “GIFTS EXPO – HOUSEWARE EXPO” more than 20 times in Central Exhibition Hall "MANEGE" and Exhibition Complex "GOSTINY DVOR". Everything is great: good organization, well coordinated work. Managers differ in goodwill and correctness. They prove advantages of the exhibition by their own work. Visitors are very various: wholesalers, online stores, specialized shops, designers, officials, advertizing agencies. Everything is at high professional level. We have excellent impression – everything is professional, noble, keep steady!  

PROFI PRINT - producer, importer, wholesale and retail printing, souvenir products.
Vinokurov I. V. – Development Manager:
- We liked the exhibition very much. High level of the organization. The good advertising campaign was conducted, big coverage of the territory of Russia was done. Experts come from remote areas and cities of the Russian Federation. Exhibitors are large companies, visitors of the exhibition – directors of companies, managers – experts, professionals. Idle visitors are absent. They are from Moscow – 40%, from regions – 60%. Our expectations lived up to us. We will participate in "GIFTS EXPO. AUTUMN 2015".  

GRINERY - wholesale soft toys.
Ovcharenko L. N. – Manager:
- We are pleased with the exhibition. We have good results. 80% of visitors is from the Russian Federation. The exhibition justifies the slogan about distribution of production across the Russian Federation. We will surely participate in "GIFTS EXPO. AUTUMN 2015".  

NOVAYA KERAMIKA - manufacturing company of souvenir and gift products, wholesale trade, 12 years in the market.
Grigorieva N. P. – Director-General:
- We have very good impression about the exhibition. Everything is well organized. The wide advertising campaign is done. Experts, the heads of the companies from Moscow region, the Russian Federation, the CIS and foreign countries were invited. Moscow – 70%, others - 30%. This year the preparation was at very high level. That’s the way to go! We will surely take part in exhibitions in 2015.  

KERAMIK - Lefortovsky porcelain plant; producers of products made of quality porcelain.
Kogan A. P. – Sales Director:
- The exhibition was pleasant. There were a lot of companies with qualitative production. Organizers fulfilled their own obligations. Experts from the Russian Federation and the CIS arrived. There were a lot of visitors from Moscow. Everything was done well. We are pleased with the exhibition. We will participate in 2015.  


  HOLIDAY CLASSICS - wholesale New Year's production.
Beyrutov S. V. – Director General:
- Our company participates constantly at “CHRISTMAS AND FESTIVE DECORATIONS”. The exhibition is organized very well. A wide advertising campaign is always conducted. The leading representatives of New Year's goods market participate here. “CHRISTMAS AND FESTIVE DECORATIONS” exhibition takes the leading position among exhibition events of this segment. The exhibition reflects tendencies and directions of branch development, attracts the main players of New Year's goods market. The exhibition was attended by experts from Moscow – 40%, from the Russian Federation – 60%. We will participate at the exhibition in 2015.  

MCM - wholesale high quality Christmas decorations.
Mironov S. M. – Director General:
- We have good impression about the exhibition. The organization of the exhibition was done very well, everything was exact. We consider that the big advertising campaign was done. There are a lot of interesting participants – specialists of industry sector. At the exhibition we also exchanged information and experience with business colleagues. Visitors are professional, solvent, they know what they need, they ask business questions, make orders. Visitors are from regions 70%, from Moscow region – 30%. We will surely participate in the next exhibition in 2015.  

ARIYEL MANUFACTURY - producer of New Year's production, glass fir-tree jewelry with high quality art painting.
Martyanycheva Yu. V. – Head of sales department:
- I want to make a point of high level of exhibitors and visitors. They are from regions – 50% and from Moscow – 50%. We will surely participate at the exhibition in 2015.  

MOROZKO – SHOP - company - importer, wholesale and retail trade, New Year's range, high quality, exclusive production, low prices.
Lebedeva I. A. – Director General:
- The exhibition is organized perfectly. Participants of the exhibition are large companies with qualitative production, generally, of Russian and European origin, a wide range, for any taste. There is a wide field of activity here. Visitors are professionals, they know what they need, they ask business questions, make offers, they are 80% is from Russia, 20% is from Moscow. The exhibition was very effective, we satisfied.

  EZHIKO - manufacturing company, wholesale trade, handwork souvenirs, high quality design production.
Ezhesiliya Zavidova – Head of the Company:
- There are a lot of visitors: wholesalers and shops’ owners. They are from Moscow – 70%, from regions – 30%. We will surely participate at the exhibition in 2015.


  BIZHU TREZOR / ESTET - company - importer, wholesale costume jewelry.
Kornilayeva I. A. – Head of the company:
- We liked the exhibition very much. Organizers did much to attract a lot of visitors-experts at the exhibition. The precise organization, business atmosphere, high professional level of visitors – all these things do “COSTUME JEWELLERY AND ACCESSORIES” exhibition the leader in this segment. Participation in “COSTUME JEWELLERY AND ACCESSORIES” exhibition is always very interesting and productive. Among visitors of the booth 70% is from regions of the Russian Federation. There were visitors from Kazakhstan, Baltic States, Ukraine, Belarus. Wholesalers, directors of specialized shops, wedding salons, shops of fashionable clothes, beauty shops visited our booth. We will participate with new collections in "COSTUME JEWELLERY AND ACCESSORIES. SPRING 2015".  

ITALINA - wholesale quality costume jewelry.
Shevyakov A. V. – Director General:
- Our company participates constantly in “COSTUME JEWELLERY AND ACCESSORIES” exhibition. This exhibition took place very well, more than ever. A lot of advertising was conducted by organizers for experts of this industry sector. We are very satisfied with the exhibition, there were many contacts with interested experts from Moscow and regions, orders were done. The advantage and distinctive feature of this exhibition of costume jewelry from others is that a lot of people come here from all Russia. We plan to participate in the next spring exhibition "COSTUME JEWELLERY AND ACCESSORIES".

  FOXTROT 2000 - quality production of Russian and European production, 15 years in the market.
Shmaltsel E. Yu. – Director-General:
- The organization of “COSTUME JEWELLERY AND ACCESSORIES” exhibition was very good. Exhibitors are leading producers, distributors from Moscow, the Russian Federation and foreign countries. They presented modern and quality fashionable production. This exhibition is very useful for development of the company, there are a lot of interesting contacts. A great number of visitors are experts: 80% - from the Russian Federation and the CIS, 10% - from abroad, 10% - from Moscow. Among visitors of our booth there were wholesalers, directors of fashionable clothes and wedding salons. At the exhibition we have received contacts, we are waiting for further orders.

IP Solomatina V.M. - Silver jewelry.
Solomatina VM – Director:
- I loved the show. Great organization, effective advertising campaign, many visitors from Russia and CIS. Moscow - 25%, other regions - 75%. We received good results, and we will participate in Spring 2015 and Autumn 2015 project. Best wishes and success to the organizers!

TAYA - wholesale fashion jewelry and accessories.
Tsilina Elena – Director-General:
- Our company representing in the Russian market the famous American brand fashion jewelery TAYA, took part in the exhibition "COSTUME JEWELLERY AND ACCESSORIES. AUTUMN 2104". The Exhibition was held in Moscow in Gostiny Dvor 16 - 19 September 2014. Successful exhibition, as you know, is one of the most effective tools for business, so we regularly participate in such events. We have achieved many of the internal goals set by company, established new contacts thanks to constant personal contact with customers and potential clients and made tens of wholesale orders. We found new clients, who have received a complete picture of the quality and design solutions of Jewelery TAYA TAYALX, because the visitors had the opportunity to see and touch each product. For visitors of "COSTUME JEWELLERY AND ACCESSORIES" we presented our summer and autumn collections of fashion jewelry TAYA 2014. Thanks to the optimized company’s approach to conduction of such activities, it was possible to provide statistics of the visitors of our booth. About 45% of potential customers - visitors from other cities - entrepreneurs who drew attention to large flower necklaces of our autumn collection. They gladly ordered rings and bracelets of jewelry collection TAYALX. 35% - businessmen of Moscow and Moscow region. They were interested in TAYA wide bracelets with natural stones, unusual fashion necklaces and stylized necklaces made of plastics and ceramics. The rest 20% of visitors of our booth - retail customers and other exhibitors who could not resist the temptation to please yourself with bright and stylish new items, such as earrings TAYA with natural colored zirconium or stylish metal jewelry sets. Trendy big earrings with unusual accents, soft brush and stunning shades attracted particular attention. Representatives of large and famous Internet companies, TV and network stores came to our booth, what led to new projects and successful mutual cooperation Summarizing the existing statistics, we can conclude that the costs of the exhibition were covered and will continue to bring new orders for many years. We are happy to take part in the following events organized in the Gostiny Dvor. Best regards, Team TAYA Jewelery.

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