Hello London / SP Klimina Irina Aleksandrovna
Importer, British designer goods
- Excellent organization, friendly staff, good advertising campaign. Many B2B visitors. We will surely take part in the autumn exhibition.

Karlsbach Jaan Karlep, General Director
Manufacturer, wholesale home furnishings, fir, artificial flowers, Christmas decorations
- At the exhibition we demonstrated exclusive new year high quality products, which attracted Moscow and regional visitors. The convenient location of the fairground, advertising campaign, professional organization - all these contributed to the high level of the event. The show has left a positive impression. We plan to participate in Autumn edition!

Silk dragon Lazar Andrey, General Director
Luxury bedding
- Good organization, profitable exhibition, high-level of visitors. There were a lot of visitors - managers - focused on our goods category. Moscow - 30% of visitors, Moscow region - 30%, regions of Russia - 40%. We think about participation in the Autumn exhibition. We wish the organizers to maintain the professional level of the exhibition.

Bells factory / SP Podorozhniy Andrey Borisovich
Bells for home
- We loved the exhibition very much. Weve got the main result - products promotion and good advertising of our product. The booth was visited by specialists from Vorkuta, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Kamchatka, Yamal, and Dushanbe.

"Plastan" LLC, Minsk Gubar Elena
Manufacturer of silk - bamboo - textiles
- Interesting direction of the exhibition - gives an opportunity to creative people to express themselves and sell their products, to determine development perspectives. Visitors with different levels of interests and queries - large wholesale orders, and wholesale and retail orders for stores. Happiness, health, good luck!

Present Studio
Nikolaenkova Elena, SP
Production of souvenirs, VIP souvenirs, business products.
- Its a very interesting project. Wide range of exhibitors, large number of business contacts, commercial negotiations. Worthy exhibition: there were a lot of visitors from the cities of the Russian Federation, CIS countries, Moscow and Moscow region; shops representatives, trade centers, advertising agencies, interior designers and other professionals. 30% of visitors were from Moscow and 70% of visitors were from regions of Russia. We are planning to take part in "GIFTS EXPO. Autumn 2015" in Gostiny Dvor.

Mishina Margarita
Hobby and art items, wholesale.
- The participation in this exhibition is a great opportunity to present our products to the huge number of regional consumers. An opportunity of personal communication with existing and potential costumers is very important. Also it was interesting to look at the competitors. We have got very good results at the exhibition. There were 50% of visitors from Moscow and 50% from regions of Russia. I will certainly participate in "GIFTS EXPO. Autumn 2015" in Gostiny Dvor in September.

Beauty Style
Kim Alexandr Danilovich
Wholesale gift products.
- The fair was really great! The exhibition complies with the best international standards! High-level service. The majority of visitors were specialists; there were a lot of wholesalers. The geography of visitors was wide. There was 20-25% from Moscow and 70-75% of visitors from other regions of Russia. We are satisfied with the results of the exhibition. Our best wishes to the Organizers.

Kuleshov A. G., SP
Copper cezve, trays, brass spoons.
- The exhibition has made a very good impression. The results are great. Visitors have seen the whole range of gift and souvenir products, interior decoration items and many others. I have got useful contacts, have exchanged experiences, and have chosen a perspective direction for my company. There were a lot of different visitors: shop owners, directors, purchasing manager of souvenir goods. 30% of visitors were from Moscow and Moscow region and 70% of visitors were from other regions of Russia. We will definitely participate in the Autumn exhibition.

Best Way
Kondratenko Sergey, Head of Logistics Department
Delivery, custom clearance of houseware, souvenirs, gifts
- For our company the exhibition has passed at a high level. General impression is nice. Professional level of visitors is high. At the exhibition there was either Moscow or regional visitors: 50% - from Moscow, 50% - from regions of Russia, including Tumen and Irkutsk. High professional level of the exhibition organizers, good platform in the center of Moscow. It has been very beautiful exhibition.

Svechnoy Dvor
Medvedeva Daria, Sales Manager
Manufacturer of decorative handmade candles
- The exhibition was well prepared and organized. The experience was great. Weve got what we expected. Thank you! There were a large number of visitors, potential customers. The 10% of Muscovites and 90% from other cities visited our booth. It's nice that the organizers conducted an extensive advertising campaign to attract customers for exhibition. We are going to participate in "GIFTS EXPO. Autumn 2015" in Gostiny Dvor.

Mirumyan Sarkis
Design products, wholesale, import
- General impression of the exhibition is good. During all days of the exhibition there was a great flow of visitors from morning till evening. Professional level of the visitors from regions of Russia was high. See you in September!

Terem Art / Icon painting workshop
Klimov Igor
Manufacturer of icons
- The results of the exhibition are very good. There were no "random" visitors. The geography of visitors was wide: from St. Petersburg to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and from Arkhangelsk to Sochi, Ukraine, Kazakhstan.

Jurkevich Yuri, Director
Manufacturer of gift products made of genuine leather.
- We are satisfied with the participation in "GIFTS EXPO. Spring 2015". The extent of the exhibition was impressive; weve received a lot of useful contacts and information. Professional structure of visitors is at appropriate level; our booth was visited by plenty of representatives of companies from the CIS countries. Thanks to the organizers of the exhibition, we wish them to continue invitation of new exhibitors and visitors! We will participate in the September fair "GIFTS EXPO. Autumn 2015".

P.R. Style
Stogul Maksim
Manufacturer of mouse pads and stationary.
- We were very happy to take part in the spring exhibition "GIFTS EXPO". Weve met our long-time partners, have found new clients. The exhibition was well visited. Most of visitors were professionals, 90% of representatives of companies were from Central regions of Russia, other professionals - from Siberia, the Far East. We will take part in the next exhibition - "GIFTS EXPO. Autumn 2015".

Ethnic Chic
Belyaeva Ludmila, Head of the company
- "ETHNIC CHIC" is a permanent participant of the exhibition. The results of the exhibition "GIFTS EXPO. SPRING 2015" were great. There were many visitors, contacts and orders. Our company is interested in regional customers. At the exhibition "GIFTS EXPO" there is always a lot of regional customers, about 70%. We participate in several exhibitions. I want to note that the organizers of the exhibition "GIFTS EXPO" carry out a great advertising campaign during the year on radio, TV, in specialized magazines, on sectoral Internet portals, advertise on billboards in the city center, direct mail of personal invitations to managers and owners of companies. As a result, visitors come to the exhibition "GIFTS EXPO". It is very important for us because at other exhibitions of these visitors not be found. The organizers of some exhibitions do not carry out any advertising campaigns of their exhibitions hoping to get visitors of the other exhibitions in neighboring pavilions will visit them. We definitely will participate in the exhibition "GIFTS. Autumn 2015" in September. I wish the organizers to maintain their success!

Berner EAST
Oparina Yulia, Deputy commercial Director
The production of kitchenware
We are permanent exhibitors of "GIFTS EXPO" - "HOUSEWARE EXPO. The results have met our expectations, the exhibition was in good working rhythm, there were many visitors, we have found many new contacts and hope for a new cooperation with many of them. There were a lot of foreign visitors. We will definitely participate in the next exhibition in September.

Ads Studio
Vikanova Ksenia, Head of the marketing Department.
Watches, souvenirs, interior items
- We participate in "GIFTS EXPO. SPRING 2015" at the first time. The extent of the exhibition is really impressive. It's very beautiful, bright exhibition, there is an atmosphere of celebration. The professional level of visitors is high. We have got a lot of useful information and contacts. They are trade visitors from Russia regions - 70% and Moscow region - 30%. Our stand was visited by wholesalers from Siberia, by purchasing manager of retail chains from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Samara and Voronezh, they have offered cooperation to us on favorable terms. Corporate clients and managers of stores from different regions of the Russian Federation have made the orders. Definitely we will participate in the "GIFTS EXPO. Autumn 2015".

Sergeeva SP / WOODENS
Parshin Michael, General Manager
Packaging and souvenirs made of wood
- "GIFTS EXPO. SPRING 2015" was organized well and professionally. The convenient location in the centre of Moscow, near the Kremlin walls, five metro stations within a five minute walk, is convenient for exhibitors and visitors. For all 4 days of work we received only positive emotions. There is a comfortable friendly atmosphere at the exhibition. Also there is a large flow of visitors, 60% of them are the trade visitors from the Russian regions. There were our old customers and many new ones. We have got a lot of orders, a lot of information. The exhibition was held successfully. We will definitely participate at the "GIFTS EXPO. Autumn 2015". Our sincere gratitude to the organizers for efficiency!

Belyy Gorod
Ratner Vyacheslav, Project leader
Manufacturer of books and gift products
- As always, everything is fine! Excellent organization, high professional level of visitors. Despite the notorious opinion about the crisis we have found many new worthy counterparties. We will definitely participate at the next exhibition "GIFTS EXPO. Autumn 2015".

Guild of masters
Ivanova Marina, Executive Director
Manufacturer of gifts, binding products, printing
- The exhibition was held in the right rhythm. As usually, we have got a lot of contacts. Of course, due to the quality and number of visitors the exhibition "GIFTS EXPO" is the leader in Moscow. The professional level of visitors is high, the trade visitors have a clear idea about the products and quality, so work with them is easy. 70% of the visitors are the representatives of Russian regions. Good luck!

Lipkin Daniil, Manager of sales Department
Platforms, design WCB
- The exhibition "GIFTS EXPO. SPRING 2015" was held very well! Everything was organized on high professional level, from arrival to registration. There were a lot of visitors from the regions of Russian and foreign countries - about 70%. See you in Autumn in "Gostiny Dvor"!

Marova Elena
Manufacturer, wholesale soft toys
- Everything was organized at a high level! The exhibition has left positive impression! There were a large number of visitors, great thematic variety of products, great hall in the heart of Moscow - all this has made the exhibition "GIFTS EXPO" the main event in the gifts' and souvenirs' industry!

JSC "Gamma TD"
Burdonova Maria, Manager
Manufacturer, wholesale accessories and products for crafts and hobbies - Exhibition "GIFTS EXPO" is very famous b2b event in the gifts' industry, therefore, there were a large number of experts. The exhibition have come up to all our expectations! Visitors were different, there were a lot of wholesalers and corporate customers. Preparation and holding of the event was at top level. Very nice work! Thank you!

Dolphin Ore
Koginov Igor, Executive Director
Jewelry LUXURY
- "COSTUME JEWELLERY & ACCESSORIES" - "FASHION JEWELLERY" is gorgeous project. Quite a lot of competent trade visitors. 80% - Muscovites, 15% - regions of Russia. Good results.

Svetlana Baklanova, Director
Wholesale costume jewelry made in Spain
- The good work of the organizers has pleased me very much. The exhibition "COSTUME JEWELLERY AND ACCESSORIES" was visited by professionals which were interested in developing of partnerships and direct supply and end-customers. There were a lot of visitors from Moscow, the Urals, Kazakhstan and southern of Russia. We will participate in Autumn from 22 to 25 September in "Gostiny Dvor".

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