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LLC “REMEKO”- wholesale trade of gifts, souvenirs, Christmas products.
Lugarev L.A., executive of wholesale trading:
The exhibition was successfully held. We have found a target customer. The exposition “GIFTS EXPO” differs by its atmosphere and mood. It is an important autumn event! There were a lot of visitors from different regions of RF-60%, Moscow-40%. I wish the organizers good mood and patience!

LLC “Russian gifts”- wholesale trade of souvenirs and gift packing.
Risbaev Marat, trade director:
We are the old participants of the exposition “GIFTS EXPO”. Participation at the exposition was interesting for us, because our booth was visited by representatives of new companies from Crimea , South of Russia, Middle Asia.

“Interior details”- wholesale trade of interior and decoration items.
Zakharov A.A., director:
In general the exposition “GIFTS EXPO. AUTUMN 2015 ” made a good impression on me. It was very well-organized ! A great variety of products attracts a great number of specialists from different market segments. That's why we are going to take part in the next project.

“Advertising studio”- gifts and souvenirs manufacturer.
Levshuk Y.A.- director:
Our major aim is the participation at this exposition. We found new contacts, interesting offers, big orders are already being formed. The exposition is well- organized, the advertising company is held at a high level. We are going to cooperate in 2016.

“Miland”- festive products manufacturer.
Khoshafyan S.H., head of sale department:
The exposition “GIFTS EXPO” is at a high level as usual! Beautiful, big hall, various participants - everything made a good impression on me! There were quite a lot of participants from regions - about 40% and from Moscow-60% who were interested in our products.

“More podarkov”- gifts and souvenirs manufacturer.
Bogdevich I.V.- director:
We are the regular participants of the exposition “GIFTS EXPO”. Both visitors and other participants were interested in our products. We will be glad to participate in future.

“Specznak” – wholesale trade of souvenir products. Solovyeva A.L.-director:
It's a specialized exposition in this sphere. All the leading markets take part in it. As usual the organizers gave a wide advertisement, that's why there were many participants from Russia , Belarus , Ukraine , Crimea, Far West and Middle Asia. See you in spring!

 JULIETELLE- Christmas interior manufacturer.
Zaycev Roman, sales department manager:
The exposition “GIFTS EXPO.AUTUMN 2015” made a very good impression, it was organized at a high level. At the exposition “Gifts” the specialists are oriented on new tendencies in gifts, souvenirs and interior market. Twice a year specialists meet to make bargains and exchange marketing information. We got a lot of orders, we surpassed our expectations.

Karlsbach- manufacturer of interior items, artificial flowers, Christmas trees and decorations.
Yan Karlet - commercial director:
Good atmosphere, excellent organization, great attendance! 70% of specialists who visited our booth came from other regions of Russia .

Rus-Elka – artificial Christmas trees manufacturer.
Markaryan Robert, general director:
We participated at the exposition for the first time. Everything is well-organized. A unique beautiful exposition: hall, booths, products. Everything is decorated with a good taste. The exhibition participants are the leading companies in this sphere. There are a lot of visitors from regions. Have a good mood!

HOLIDAY CLASSICS- wholesale trade of Christmas products.
Beyrutov S.V., general director:
Diversity of saloons and additional expositional opportunities within the exhibition give the exponents an opportunity to demonstrate their products in a more efficient way. We are looking forward to the results of the exposition.

Art-modern ceramics – wholesale products manufacturer.
Baranova N.B., head of commercial department:
The impression about the exposition is favorable. Visitors from regions are 60% and from Moscow-40%. We are going to take part at the spring exposition.

IP Babushkin – manufacturer of clay tableware.
Babushkina Eliana, leader:
We are grateful to the organizers. We think that the exposition was successfully held and we hope for further cooperation. Many visitors were interested in our products. Location in the centre of the city, near Kremlin, such a great attendance, thank you! We wish the organizers success and prosperity.


Mosbronza – manufacturer of glass tableware.
Zagorodniy I.V., manager:
We are delighted by the exposition! At the exposition we represented good products and got a lot of orders. The exposition “HOUSEWARE EXPO” -“GIFTS EXPO” –is the best place for representation of new products!

“New ceramics” – art workshop using ceramic painting techniques .
Grigoryeva N.P., general director:
The exhibition made a positive impression on me. Everything passed very well for us. There were a lot of advertisements in press, on radio and TV and as a result - a lot of visitors, 70% from Russia and foreign countries and 30% from Moscow .

Yaroslavna Dobryanskaya,- the first Russian brand of art decorations by author's design of European level.
Klinina T.V., manager:
The exposition “GIFTS EXPO. AUTUMN 2015” , saloon “Costume jewellery and accessories” was well held. Great results! Excellent organization of the exposition! Many specialists participated, which is always pleasant. We would like to ask you to increase the exposition time to 8pm

VILALTA- wholesale trade of costume jewellery in Spain .
Baklanova Svetlana, director:
In general, our participation at the exposition gave positive results for further company development company. We liked the efficient organization. We are planning to participate further at the exposition “COSTUME JEWELLERY AND ACCESSORIES”

Italina- wholesale trade of jewellery
Shevyakov Andrey, manager:
The exposition was well held. We liked everything. It was very nice to receive all the documents in advance. We did not have to waste time forming the papers. Generally , the impression is very pleasant and festive. The participants presented the products seriously. The products level of both Russian and foreign manufacturers is quite high. We wish the organizers productive work and success!

Juliet's jewellery- wholesale trade of designer costume jewellery
Aleshkova Maria, manager:
The salon “COSTUME JEWELLERY AND ACCESSORIES” was held successfully. We like the place of the exposition – Gostiny Dvor Exposition Complex, at the very centre of the city. A good organization of the exposition! There is no trouble while entering the exposition. High level of visitors, many directors of big stores and leading specialists. 30-40% of the visitors are from Moscow and 60-70% from regions. I am going to take part at the next exhibition in March.

Mr TeguhBoediyana - Senior Advisor for Minister of Cooperatives and SMEs
My name is Teguh Boediono, I am an specialist from Ministry of Cooperatives and Small Medium Business Republic of Indonesia. Our goal in Russia is to conduct and usher 8 companies from small and medium business that are engaged in various projects from our country Indonesia . Furthermore we promote Indonesian products which have possibilities to enter the Russian market.

In particular, Indonesian Government is going to engage small and medium business so it can develop and enter various countries including Russia From our point of view, Russia is a promising strategic partner. First of all we see that Russian consumers have various. Participation is “Gifts Expo” allows our company to meet this demand.

Historically both our nations have warm relationships and we want to strengthen our economic and trade relationships. We have been participating in this exhibition for several years now and we always have a very positive response from Russian entrepreneurs. We see the opportunity to develop in the Russian market and increase the share of Indonesian products here, to occupy the niche.

We still have many products that may be needed here in Russia and we hope it can be an opportunity for us to expend business here. That is what we are looking for. We want to keep improving our products, so they can be more attractive for Russian market and keep good relationships.

EPCH- a council of development of art products trade in India
Pankaj Kumar Saw, manager assistant EPCH:
We are an organization of developing art trade. We need to explore Russian market for development and export of art products from India . We contribute to successful promotion of art products, gifts, houseware, textile, costume jewellery and accessories, tableware, interior and other products to the market. We hope to get good reaction of Russian market. Thanks to organizers!

Company Oikonomia SAC. Peru
Henry Chaponan Lorza, general director:
Oikonomia SAC company is the largest manufacturer of arts and crafts in Peru . We represented handmade products in Russia for the first time. Russian customers got very interested in our handmade products. We have products which are unique and have their own history. At the first day of the exposition “GIFTS EXPO” – “HOUSEWARE EXPO AUTUMN 2015 ” we sold 50% of our products-samples. At the moment we are looking for a regular distributor in Russia . We would like to thank organizers of the exposition for an opportunity to demonstrate our products and make acquaintance with leading specialists from all over the world. We hope that our products will create an atmosphere of warmness and coziness in your house.


Ferro-Carbon Ent. Co., Ltd.
Steve Chen, president:
We participated in the exhibition "GIFTS EXPO " not for the first time and we are always pleased with the results. Our company established in 1989 and created the original brand FECA from Taiwan . We have over 26 years of experience in producing houseware and combination of suction use in daily commodities; creating the perfect combination of function and aesthetics. We hope FECA will bring the most convenient and modern items to the Russian market.


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