"GIFTS EXPO. AUTUMN 2008" exhibitors' comments


"FB-TEAM", souvenirs, gifts, tableware.
- Very effective trade fair with high professional level of visitors and perfect organization. 10% are representatives of Moscow companies, 85% - regional buyers, 5% - foreign visitors.

"Crystal Art", pictures of Swarovski crystals.
Avdonina I.L., sales director:
- ". Autumn 2008" is organized better than Spring fair. The attendance of regional clients reached 95%. High professional level of visitors - 90% are buyers. We will take part in ". Spring 2009".

"Conceptum", greeting cards, posters.
Spitsina O.I., financial director:
- We are very glad that every year the organizational level of the fair becomes higher and higher. Different kind of visitors, about 70% are Moscow companies.

"Inforcenter", copper and ceramic items (sculptures, decorative fountains etc).
Kutsenko E.V., general manager deputy:
- ". Autumn 2008" is professionally organized: 60% are Moscow buyers, 40% are regional specialists.

"Belhvalan", posters reproduction & gobelins.
Nikolaeva S.V., manager:
- ". Autumn 2008" gave us an opportunity to get perspectives of collaboration with remote regions. We are glad that this year the entry for the public was restricted. As the result, the fair was mostly visited by buyers searching for partners. Visitors' geography: 40% - Moscow, 40% - remote regions, 20% - other regions. We will surely participate in ". Autumn 2009".

"Maratika", souvenirs, incenses.
Sobolev K.:
- In my opinion this fair is effective. Many wholesalers among visitors, 60% of them are from Moscow, 40% are from Russian regions. We are going to take part in the next fair - ". Spring 2009".

"Art Stand Company", gift package, transportable stands.
Volkov D.S., business development manager:
- ". Autumn 2008" trade fair was successful for us. We found new partners, got new orders. As for professional level of visitors, half of them are buyers. Visitors' geography: 50% - Moscow, 50% - regions. We'll probably take part in ". Spring 2009" trade fair. We wish organizers further development and progress!

"Eurodesign", souvenirs, gifts, interior items.
Kondrashova U.V.:
- General impression is good, more buyers than last year, more exhibitors. Professional level is high, there were many representatives of stores. Visitors were mainly from Moscow but our stand was also visited by regional buyers. We are going to participate in ". Spring 2009".


"SOLTA", souvenirs, gifts, tableware, textile, flowers, interior items.
Baydina T.I., senior managers:
- Good organization, a lot of buyers, designers, advertising agencies among visitors. 40% of them are from Moscow, 60% are from Russian regions.

"Russian Style", knives & gift tourist sets production.
Barinov S.A.:
- Thanks to the organizers for good service and advertising. We've got the best impressions of ". Autumn 2008" trade fair. The professional level of visitors has grown up in comparison with the previous years. Visitors' geography is very wide: from Yakutia to Germany and Great Britain. We are going to take part in the Spring fair.

"ENS" group of companies, tableware, gifts, souvenirs, costume jewellery.
Nazarkina O.V.:
- ". Autumn 2008" corresponds to the European level. It's a good possibility for us to find new clients. 40% of visitors are from Moscow, 60% are from Russian regions.

Alimov A.V., tea sets, cup holders.
- We liked ". Autumn 2008", visitors are mainly professionals: sales managers, store directors. 70% are regional visitors, 30% are from Moscow.


"SB-Uniglen", costume jewellery and fashionable accessories.
Petrakova D., PR-manager:
- As at previous fairs, perfect organization and interesting participants. We are glad that the fair is visited by regional business owners - 80%. Nevertheless we would like the professional level of visitors to be higher.

Pan Arts (Philippines), accessories, costume jewellery.
Aya Garcia Schlakter, president of the company:
- The impression of ". Autumn 2008" is very good: a lot of potential buyers, active market. Professionally, visitors are mostly "beginner importers": people are afraid of difficulties which they can face working with foreign partners. They should be more open to new possibilities. Visitors' geography: a lot of buyers are from Siberia.


"Continent Group", New Year decorations.
Ilyina M.:
- We liked ". Autumn 2008", as it was visited by buyers, 40% of them are from Moscow, 60% are from regions. Keep it up!

"Promos", souvenir and New Year products.
Firsov U.A., head of sales department:
- Positive impression of the fair, it was visited by wholesalers and import managers. 70% were from Moscow, others were from regions. We are going to participate in ". Spring 2009".


"Rusmeteo", thermometrs, barometers, clocks etc
Korostova A.U.:
- We liked ". Autumn 2008". The trade fair is professionally organized and visited by wholesalers. We are glad with no public: visitors are mostly buyers. 40% of the visitors of our stand were from Moscow, 60% - from regions.

"Interbook-Business", books, gift sets.
Mukhina E.G., press secretary.
- We've got perfect impression of ". Autumn 2008". Excellent organization, convenient floor plan. High professional level of visitors, almost no occasional visitors came to the fair. 55% are from Moscow companies, 40% are from regions, 5% - others.

"Atoll", corporative jewellery production.
Karmanov P.V., account manager:
- We always gladly participate in "". The professional level of visitors is high, 80% - are from Moscow, 5% - from Saint-Petersburg, 15% - from regions.

"Polet Elita", watches.
Ovchinnikov I.A.:
- General impression of the Autumn fair is positive. We are glad with the results, there were a lot of PR-managers and buyers. 50% are from Moscow, 50% are regional representatives. We are planning to take part in the Spring fair.

"Askent", leather accessories.
Grushenkova A.A., Fenchenko A.I.:
- The Autumn fair produced a good impression on us. Many interesting potential clients from all over Russia. We will probably participate in ". Spring 2009" trade fair.

"Fellichita", souvenirs, gifts, business souvenirs.
Shimanska Y.A., office manager:
- We are very glad with the Autumn fair and we've got the best opinion of the professional level of visitors (50/50 - Moscow/regions). We are going to take part in ". Spring 2009".

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