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"GIFTS EXPO. SPRING 2009" exhibitors' comments


«YANIKA», gifts wholesaler, 10 years in the market.
Zhidkov S., advertising manager:
- General impression of “GIFTS EXPO. Spring 2009” is positive. The fair has passed successfully, everything was professionally planned and organized. Visitors level was rather high, 55% were from Moscow, 45% - regional buyers. We wish the organizers to have good results in the next fair despite the economic situation.

«MAYOLIKA», high quality ceramic products.
Shepeleva G.I., financial director:
- Good impression of “GIFTS EXPO. Spring 2009”, many buyers visit this fair, 60-70% among them are from Moscow and Moscow region, 30-40% come from regions. We are going to take part in the Autumn fair.

«GONCHAR», ceramics.
Komarov A.V., general manager:
- We are very glad with participation in “GIFTS EXPO. Spring 2009”. Professional level of visitors is high. 30-40% of buyers are regional representatives, other are from Moscow.

«TEDDY GROUP», puzzles & toys.
Maltseva O., manager:
- “GIFTS EXPO. Spring 2009” has passed successfully for us. Good professional level of visitors, 60% were from regional companies, 40% - from Moscow. We will take part in the Autumn fair.

«DINO ART», gifts & souvenirs.
Vorontsova O., manager:
- Very good impression of “GIFTS EXPO. Spring 2009”: many buyers from region and Moscow companies. We wish organizers good luck and success!

«INTERIERNAYA LAVKA», interior items, gifts.
Zinovieva O., manager:
- We liked the Spring fair. Organizers managed to invite a lot of regional buyers (70%). We are going to take part in the next fair – “GIFTS EXPO. Autumn 2009”.

«ROOSBLIKPROM», decorative candle compositions.
Kostenko I.V., financial director:
- Perfect exhibition, good professional level of visitors. Our stand was mainly visited by representatives of Moscow companies (80%), nevertheless there were regional buyers at the fair. We will take part in the Autumn fair.


«BEAUTY LAND», costume jewellery, hair accessories, watch.
Vardaniya A.S., sales department director:
- The fair has passed successfully, we’ve got new clients and suppliers. We have also sustained the positive company image in the market. Professional level of visitors corresponds to the level of our business. Visitors are from all over Russia. This fair is expected in our segment, regional buyers come specially to this fair because all the main suppliers are presented here. We are going to take part in the Autumn fair and wish organizers good luck!

«CITY STAR», costume jewellery, hair accessories, leather goods, bags.
Dikun O.V., financial director:
- It’s our first participation in “COSTUME JEWELLERY & ACCESSORIES” salon. The general impression is positive. Our stand was visited by Moscow buyers (60%) as well as regional representatives (40%). We will surely take part in “GIFTS EXPO. Autumn 2009”.

«DOBRYANSKAYA YAROSLAVNA», costume jewellery.
Klishina T.V., manager:
- “GIFTS EXPO. Spring 2009”, “COSTUME JEWELLERY & ACCESSORIES” salon produced good impression. Interesting exhibitors, good organization. Many buyers at the fair are interested in goods of middle price category, whereas we present exclusive handmade items. 70% of visitors are from Moscow, others are regional buyers. We’ll take part in the Autumn salon “COSTUME JEWELLERY & ACCESSORIES”.

«Iness-M», costume jewellery, watch & accessories, 11 years in the market.
Spitskaya O.I., manager:
- Positive impression of the Spring fair organization, good service of stands construction and cleaning, bright decoration. Different visitors, 60% are from Moscow, 40% are from regions.


«KRO-Service», promotional goods.
Shestopalova N.N., general manager.
- Very good impression of the Spring fair, very wide visitors geography – a lot of buyers came from all over Russia.

«FLASHMASTER», USB flash drives & other electronic accessories.
Kamenskiy A.A., general manager:
- “GIFTS EXPO. Spring 2009” produced favorable impression. There were many regional buyers among visitors at the fair. We are going to participate in the Autumn fair.

«VLASTA publishing house», art-collection of writing implements, calendars, printing service.
Kostsova A.A., sales manager:
- “GIFTS EXPO. Spring 2009” has passed successfully though we expected to see more wholesalers among visitors. 50% of visitors are buyers, 50% - public.

«ADVERTISING TECHNOLOGIES», corporative gifts, printing products (magazines, books).
Golman E.:
- Spring fair has passed successfully for us: many new contacts, visitors are mostly wholesalers, buyers, corporate clients. 80% of trade visitors are from Moscow. Many thanks to organizers for the perfect fair. We’ll surely take part in the September fair.


«NEW WAVE GROUP» (KOSTA BODA & ORREFORS), crystal & glass products.
Isaeva D.S., business development director:
- Perfect organization, interesting exhibitors, comfortable work at the fair, high qualification of the staff. Fair visitors are different: individual visitors as well as directors of big companies. We wish good luck to organizers!

«DIKTUM-ART», tea-cup holders.
Umanets O., manager:
- We are glad with the results of the Spring fair: high professional visitors’ level, many visitors from regions (80%). We are going to participate in “GIFTS EXPO. Autumn 2009”

«PIKNIK-SERVICE», tableware gift sets in cases.
Barinov V.E., commercial director:
- We are satisfied with participation in “GIFTS EXPO. Spring 2009”, visitors level is high. 60% of buyers are from Moscow, other from Russian regions.

«SPACE» / «GIFT TIME», tableware, souvenirs.
Kamin R.A., general manager:
- Perfect impression of the Spring fair, everything is professionally organized. Our stand was visited by Muscovites (70% are representatives of companies, 10% are mass visitors) and regional buyers (20%).


«TREE LINE», New Year products, gifts, fountains.
Knyazeva S.V., general manager deputy:
- We liked “GIFTS EXPO. Spring 2009”, visitors level is rather high. Our stand was visited mostly by Moscow companies representatives (90%). We are planning to participate in the Autumn fair and wish the organizers to hold the fair at the same high level.

«SCORPIO», New Year products, gifts, artificial flowers.
Shevchenko I.F., marketing director:
- Very good impression of “GIFTS EXPO. Spring 2009”: a lot of buyers, especially from Russian regions (70%). We will certainly take part in “GIFTS EXPO. Autumn 2009”!

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