«GIFTS EXPO. AUTUMN 2009» exhibitors’ comments


«ETHNICA CHIC», interior items.
Belyaeva L., General Manager:
- «ETHNICA CHIC» Company is already 7 years in the wholesale market and regularly participates in «GIFTS EXPO» trade fair. This Autumn we presented such groups of products as tableware of brass and bronze, interior items, furniture. There were novelties in every category of goods.
We like «GOSTINY DVOR» Exhibition Complex because it’s situated in the centre and very convenient both for exhibitors and visitors. Everything was done by organizers and complex administration to move in without problems. Build up of the stand was in time. It was comfortable to work at the stand and we weren’t tired during 4 days.
As for visitors, there were a lot of wholesalers in spite of difficult year. We’ve got not less orders than last year, novelties and best-selling goods were in demand, economic revival is evident this Autumn. Representatives of trade chains also visited the fair but work with them has it’s own specific and is rather difficult, especially with new trade chains.
Among visitors of our stand — 70% are region buyers and 30% are Moscow companies. Our company targeted regions, many specialists from Moscow region became our clients.
We will surely take part in «GIFTS EXPO» next year. We wish further success to organizers!

«GLASAR», importer, wholesaler of gifts, interior items and decoration.
Kalinina O., Marketing Manager:
- We liked the fair, organization is good. Very convenient location, in the very center of Moscow. Electric cars were free for exhibitors that made the unloading process easier.
Professional level of visitors is high as at previous fairs. Many wholesalers, corporate clients, representatives of trade chains. 50% of trade visitors were from Moscow, 50% from Russian regions.
Thanks to organizers, we wish them success! We’ll participate in the next «GIFTS EXPO» trade fairs.

«AVAL O», distributor, wholesale of collection toys and dolls. 10 years in the market.
Yandulova O., Director:
- Very good impression of the trade fair. Friendly organizers, beautiful hall of «Gostiny Dvor», very convenient location of the exhibition complex. High visitors’ professional level — wholesalers, shops and trade chains owners, corporate clients, including representatives of the Russian President administration. It’s the best exhibition in Moscow. We wish further success!

ETHNO GALLERY, souvenirs, furniture, interior items.
Korneeva E., General Manager:
- We are satisfied of professional level of visitors. 80% are from Russian regions, 20% are from Moscow. We will surely participate in «GIFTS EXPO. Spring 2010» on the 22nd-25th of March in MANEZH Exhibition Complex.

«DELOVOY PARTNER», wholesale of souvenirs, interior items, artificial flowers, 9 years in the market.
Voloskova E., Senior Manager:
- We are glad with participation in «GIFTS EXPO. Autumn» trade fair, good organization, convenient location in the very center of Moscow. There were many buyers, 60% from regions, 40% from Moscow.
Very convenient unloading by electric cars — from vehicle to stand. Electric cars were paid by organizers and for exhibitors’ convenience. Thanks to organizers, we wish them success!

«AKITA», wholesale of gifts, souvenirs, interior items.
Bryuzgina E., Business Development Manager:
- General impression is good. We are glad with professional level of visitors: wholesalers, trade chains, owners of big and small shops, advertising agencies. We are going to participate in the Spring fair in MANEZH Exhibition Complex.

«ZHIVIE PEYZAZHI», «Live landscapes» souvenirs manufacturer, 11 years in the market.
Shevchuk M., Company Owner:
- We like «GIFTS EXPO» trade fair very much. It’s the best trade fair in gift segment. Very convenient location, 5 minutes a walk from the Kremlin and GUM, in the very center, at transport ways crossing. We like «Gostiny Dvor», beautiful exhibition complex, very nice to work there. I’d like to make special mention of high professionalism of the organizers. Trade fair results are good, there were a lot of contacts. The fair was mostly visited by buyers, 10% from Moscow, 80% from Russian regions, 10% from the former Soviet Republics. In spite of economic crisis all buyers came to the fair. I’ll surely take part in the next fair. We wish organizers to achieve perfection!

«ZOLOTOY TELEC», fountains manufacturer.
Kryukov A., Director:
- We liked «GIFTS EXPO. Autumn 2009» trade fair. Beautiful exhibition hall in the center of Moscow that is very convenient. Free unloading by electric cars. A lot of exhibitors with various goods. Many beautiful stands and products. Different trade visitors: wholesalers, representatives of trade chains, corporate clients, designer and others. Very wide visitors’ geography — from different Russian regions. Large advertising campaign. We wish further success to organizers!

«ORLANDO», souvenir products.
Aleksandrova K., Manager:
- We liked the trade fair organization. In comparison with other fairs, here there are a lot of corporate clients. Large advertising campaign was held by organizers to attract more visitors. As a result, a lot of trade visitors. Lively interest to our products. I wish further success to organizers!

«SMART WORDS», manufacturer of mugs, magnets, cards.
Ukrainskiy S., General Manager:
- General impression of «GIFTS EXPO. Autumn 2009» is positive. The fair was widely advertised in mass-media: I saw advertisements in specialized press, heard spots on several radio stations: Business FM, Europa Plus, Russian Radio, Echo Moskvi. All my partners in regions received invitation cards. Good results. A lot of corporate clients, wholesalers, trade chains representatives. 30% were from Moscow, 70% from regions.
Very good fair. Organizers carry out their commitments. I will certainly participate in the next fair on 22-25 March 2010 in «MANEZH» Exhibition Complex.

«ELITE Interior» magazine.
Safronova T., Lawyer:
- We liked «GIFTS EXPO. Autumn 2009» trade fair. Very good organization. Especially I’d like to note the variety of presented goods. Designer novelties in souvenirs and costume jewellery were of great interest. Professional level is rather high, the trade fair was visited mostly by buyers, 60% of them were from Moscow, 40% — from regions. We are glad with the results and are planning to participate in Spring fair.


«LEADER OF SOUVENIRS», souvenir products.
Kashelkin D., Manager:
- We are glad with participation in «GIFTS EXPO. Autumn 2009», good location of the exhibition complex and of our stand in the center of hall. Beautiful design of stands, interesting assortment of products presented by exhibitors. Our stand was visited by business owners, PR-managers. 60% were from regions, 40% — from Moscow. High level of fair organization. Our sincere gratitude to organizers for the efficient assistance and support during the fair.

«KRUG» Group of Companies.
Slutskiy V., President:
- This year we took part in all three souvenir fairs — «Business-souvenirs and gifts», «IPSA. Promotional Souvenirs» and «GIFTS EXPO». Each of them was intended for its own target audience and differs from the other two. «GIFTS EXPO» is intended in the first place for trade companies, nevertheless among visitors there were corporate clients with whom we successfully contacted.
Our stand was awarded in nomination «The Best Creative Stand Idea». It was very pleasant to win in the most interesting for us nomination. We also heartily congratulate the winners of the ceremony!

Slepov P., Brand Manager:
«GIFTS EXPO. Autumn 2009» has passed successfully for us. As usually individual approach to exhibitors’ wishes, so in general the organization level is perfect. In comparison with previous fair, this Autumn there were a little bit less visitors, but now we’ve got more target visitors.
As for professional level of visitors, I can say that it grows! Visitors become more exigent!
Visitors’ geography — buyers came mostly from Moscow, and there were some other from far regions (Vladivostok, Perm etc).

Siton N., General Manager:
- We are very glad with participation in «GIFTS EXPO. Autumn 2009». Good location of the exhibition complex, it’s very convenient to get to the fair. Light, spacious beautiful hall. It was comfortable to work. Organizers were attentive towards exhibitors, their wishes and questions, visited our stand during the fair. All the documents for move-in were sent us beforehand, so we didn’t waste time for filling in any papers. And of course we were pleased to find out a cosy, not expensive caf? in the complex.
As very beautiful items were presented at stands, the whole impression was very nice and festive. We could see that exhibitors took the presentation of their goods most seriously. Level of products (presented by Russian manufacturers as well as importers) is rather high.
Visitors of our stand were mostly promotional department executive, representatives of trade chains, buyers from internet shops, representatives of advertising agencies. 70% of visitors were from Moscow, 30% — from regions.

AKSO, gift picnic sets.
Afanasiev A., Financial Director:
- Positive impression of the trade fair, exhibition complex in the center of Moscow, convenient exhibits unloading, a lot of exhibitors, beautiful stands, high-quality products. A lot of visitors of the average level, but mostly — high visitors level. 40% of buyers are from Moscow, 60% — from regions. Wide advertising campaign in mass media. Good luck and success to organizers!

International Association of Promotional Products
Ulisova T., Executive Director:
- As an exhibitor of «GIFTS EXPO. Autumn 2009’, «Business-souvenirs and corporative gifts» salon in «Gostiny Dvor» Exhibition Complex, I’m very pleased by attentive approach of organizers. Everything was held on the high level and the events exceeded all my expectations. Organizers made every efforts to attract trade visitors who are interested in business souvenirs. I wish further success to organizers!


«BUSINESS BOUQUET» Group of Companies, New Year and festive products, souvenirs.
Lyubchik E., Sales Department Executive:
- We take part in «GIFTS EXPO. Autumn» trade fair not for the first time. We liked organization and location of the fair. This year attendance is much higher, more buyers came from regions than from Moscow. Rather many new contacts, there were many wholesalers from regions.

Matantseva Y., Founder:
- Good impression of «GIFTS EXPO. Autumn 2009». Our stand was visited mostly by buyers from Russian regions (including Siberia, Kamchatka, Irkutsk, Khabarovsk). 90% are from regions, 10% — from Moscow. 40% — shops, 60% — advertising agencies, banks, corporate clients, 20-30% of new clients. Level of purchasing capacity of visitors is average.

«TREE LINE», New Year products.
Knyazeva S., General Manager:
- The general impression of «GIFTS EXPO. Autumn 2009» is positive. Very convenient and comfortable exhibition hall, pleasant atmosphere for work and communication with clients. Good organization, everything was done in time and without problems. There were more visitors than last year, we were surprised. High professional level of visitors, Moscow — 40%, regions — 60%. We’ll take part in the next fair — «GIFTS EXPO. Spring 2009».

«HOLIDAY EXCLUSIVE», New Year and festive products.
Beyrutov S., General Manager:
- Organization of the trade fair is as usually good. Visitors — retail specialized shops, several network shops. Moscow — 40%, regions — 60%. 15% are new clients. Many of them came to our show room after the fair. We will take part in the Spring fair on the 22nd -25th March 2010.

Tersinskih E., Deputy General Manager:
- We prepared new collection of New Year balls and candle holders in Russian style specially for «GIFTS EXPO. Autumn 2009». The collection had great success and we’ve got many requires after the fair.
We think that the Autumn fair has great advantages — place and dates. Prestigious exhibition complex — «Gostiny Dvor», good dates — the end of September is the high sales season. Well-timed assistance of organizers.
Visitors are mostly representatives of gift shops and we’ve got good feedback. The orders are being confirmed and placed after the fair. 50% of visitors are from regions, 50% are representatives of Moscow companies. What is the most pleasant thing is wide visitors’ geography: there were clients even from such cities as Khanty-Mansiysk, Khabarovsk, Novosibirsk, Irkutsk, Izhevsk, Kazan. In the first half of the year we work for export, but we’ll surely take part in the Autumn fair.


«ALFA KERAMIKA», tableware, gifts, interior items.
Buzdalina A., Deputy General Manager:
- «GIFTS EXPO. Autumn 2009», «Houseware & Dining D?cor» salon is traditional trade fair that presents the latest trends of the market. Market players are guided by this fair, it reflects development of gift, tableware & interior decoration market. Participating in this fair many companies have grown from small up to large wholesalers, owners of retail shops all over the country.
«ALFA KERAMIKA» Company is a constant participant of «GIFTS EXPO» trade fair, «Houseware & Dining D?cor» salon. We like the fair concept — it is establishment of direct contacts among manufactures, suppliers and customers. Organizers always carry out all the commitments, conduct large advertising campaign. There are always a lot of various trade visitors at the fairs, a lot of business contacts. We wish fruitful work and further success to organizers!

«LUXART», decorative tableware and kitchenware.
Melkunova S., Director:
We liked «GIFTS EXPO. Autumn 2009» trade fair, «Houseware and Dining Decor» salon: good organization, convenient location in the center of Moscow, a lot of visitors. Our stand was visited by regional (60%) and Moscow (40%) buyers, mostly representatives of trade companies — our target audience. 30% of contacts are new clients.

«TOP STYLE», tableware, gifts, souvenirs.
Balanov O., General Manager:
We are satisfied with participation in «GIFTS EXPO. Autumn 2009» trade fair, «Houseware and Dining Decor» salon. Good organization, a lot of visitors. Many contacts, 80% are our constant clients, 20% are new clients. Among our stand visitors — many regional companies and shops as well as large Moscow department stores and trade chains.

«RUSEL», tableware, interior items.
Dzhamagulov R., General Manager:
- Good general impression of «GIFTS EXPO. Autumn 2009» trade fair, «Houseware and Dining Decor» salon. A lot of new contacts, especially we are glad with fact that 60% of them are regional buyers. Our constant customers also visited our stand. We would like to mention convenient location of the exhibition — in the very center of Moscow.

«STYLE-AMPIRE», tableware, business-souvenirs, New Year products.
Isaev R., General Director:
- We were very glad to participate in «GIFTS EXPO. Autumn 2009» trade fair, «Houseware and Dining Decor» salon. A lot of visitors, 80% are regional buyers. We’ve got 70% of new contacts. Our stand was visited specialized by shops as well as by wholesalers (50/50).

«BOGEMIA-LUX-POSUDA», glass, crystal, porcelain items.
Siverova L., Exhibition Manager:
«BOGEMIA-LUX-POSUDA» Company is a constant participant of «GIFTS EXPO», «Houseware and Dining Decor» salon. Organization is highly professional as usually. Organizers’ assistance is remarkable. Our stand was visited by our customers as well as by new clients (2/3 of all contacts at the fair). 30% of visitors were from Moscow, 70% — from regions, mostly wholesale companies. Good impression of the fair. We wish further development, to favour the development of companies and all gift industry.


«PRECIOSA», wholesale of costume jewellery & souvenirs.
Korchagina V., Department Director:
- Visitors are mostly professionals of high level, 50% from Moscow, 50% from regions. Good fair results. We will certainly participate in «GIFTS EXPO. Spring 2010» in MANEZH Exhibition Complex.

«ANTA», costume jewellery wholesale.
Smolienko V., General Manager:
- We liked everything at the fair. It would be better to prolong working hours till 22h. 70% of visitors were from Moscow, 30% — from Moscow. We’ll take part in the Spring fair.

«WATERFORD LTD», wholesale of hair accessories.
Antonova N., General Manager:
- Good impression of the fair. Beautiful exhibition, a lot of visitors. We’ll participate in Spring in «MANEZH» Exhibition Complex.

«SIMPLY NOVA», the Netherlands, costume jewellery & accessories.
Berry Nooij, General Manager:
- This exhibition differs from other trade fairs. A lot of visitors, but we will be able to estimate new contacts only after beginning of collaboration. Visitors were from Moscow, Moscow region, Far East. I wish further development to «COSTUME JEWELLERY & ACCESSORIES» salon.

«GALANTEYA-TORG», high quality bags wholesale, 7 years in the market.
Loskutova N.A., General Manager: — We are very pleased to take part in the trade fair. It was very convenient to get to it, as the exhibition complex is situated in the center. Good fair organization, free electric cars for exhibitors. Variety of exhibited goods and of visitors as well — wholesalers, trade chains representatives, large and small shops directors, corporate clients. We will surely take part in the next fair — «GIFTS EXPO. Spring 2009», 22-25 March 2010!

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