«GIFTS EXPO. SPRING 2010» exhibitors’ comments


"RESTIM", tableware, textile, furniture, souvenirs, clocks.
Samodelov D.V., Manager:
- We are pleased with participation in "GIFTS EXPO. Spring 2010". We've got a lot of useful contacts and information. Professional level of visitors is up to the mark, and our stand was visited mostly by representatives of companies from the CIS countries. Thanks to fair organizers! We wish them to find new exhibitors and visitors in the nearest future. We'll certainly take part in September fair "GIFTS EXPO. Autumn 2010".

"GOROD PODARKOV", gifts, interior items, author's works.
Razdomina N.A., General Manager:
- Very favourable impression of "GIFTS EXPO. Spring 2010", there were a lot of contacts and effective acquaintances. Rather high professional level of visitors, one half of them were representatives of Moscow companies, the other half - buyers from Russian regions. Most likely we'll participate in "GIFTS EXPO. Autumn 2010".

"VOSTOCHNIE SUVENIRY", souvenirs, gifts.
Velikanov S., General Manager:
- "GIFTS EXPO. Spring 2010" went off better than in 2009, notable professional level of visitors. We are mostly glad that buyers from all over Russia came to the trade fair. We are going to participate in September fair.

"KHOKHLOMSKAYA ROSPIS", items with Khokhloma painting.
Shestakov D.G., Marketing Department Director:
- We are content with participation in "GIFTS EXPO". We met our old business partners, found new clients. The exhibition is well visited, visitors are buyers, 90% of them were companies from Central Russia, others were from Siberia and Far East. We will take part in the next trade fair - "GIFTS EXPO. Autumn 2010".

"UNI-G", glass gifts producer, 15 years in the market, Hungary.
Enico Satmari, General Manager:
- Positive impression of "GIFTS EXPO. Spring 2010". A lot of visitors, mostly of high professional level, 90% were from Moscow, 10% came from regions. Our company is planning to join the Autumn trade fair.

"ARNAZH", clocks, table games, caskets.
Botnar V., General Manager:
- "GIFTS EXPO. Spring 2010" trade fair is perfectly organized. We are content with number of visitors and their professional level. New contacts, new acquaintances, new clients. 50% of buyers were from Moscow, the other 50% were from regions. We wish to organizers success, good luck and patience!

INTERIERNAYA LAVKA, furniture and interior items.
Zinovieva O.V., Advertising Manager:
- Spring edition of "GIFTS EXPO" impressed us, we've got new contacts. 40% of visitors were from Moscow, 60% came from regions. We'll take part in "GIFTS EXPO. Autumn 2010".

"DECOR TRADE", bronze interior items, small furniture items, crystal flowers.
Sokolova S.N., Sales Department Director:
- Nice impression of "GIFTS EXPO. Spring 2010". High professional level of visitors, most of them came from regions (Siberia, Krasnodarskiy region, St. Petersburg) specially to "GIFTS EXPO" trade fair. We wish to the organizers to invite such a big number of regional buyers in the future.

"DECOR CONCEPT", clocks, interior items.
Demekhin D.B., General Manager:
- We are satisfied with the results of participation in the Spring edition of "GIFTS EXPO". Vivid and bright exposition, target audience, a lot of regional buyers among visitors (70%). We are planning to participate in "GIFTS EXPO" in September.

"SKYKOM-V", amber souvenirs, representative of "Amber Pictures" Company (Lithuania, Vilnius).
Shemyakin V.G., representative in Russia:
- Good organization, interesting exposition, a lot of visitors, mostly buyers interested in wholesale purchases. The main part of them are regional buyers (60%), there were also foreigners among visitors. We will take part in the next edition - "GIFTS EXPO. Autumn 2010".


"ETHNICA CHIC", tableware in ethnic style, interior items.
Belyaeva L.N., General Manager:
- "ETHNICA CHIC" Company regularly participates in "GIFTS EXPO" trade fair. This Spring we've got excellent results. There were many visitors, contacts, orders. Our company is always interested in regional buyers. Usually a lot of buyers from Russian regions came to "GIFTS EXPO", about 70%. We take part in several exhibitions, I'd like to pay attention that "GIFTS EXPO" organizers hold a large advertising campaign on radio, TV, in specialized magazines and on web-sites, outdoor advertising, send personal invitations to directors. As a result, visitors come specially to "GIFTS EXPO" that is very important for us, these buyers don't visit other fairs. Organizers of other exhibitions don't hold such advertising campaigns but count on visitors that come to exhibitions held in next pavilions.
We'll certainly take part in "GIFTS EXPO. Autumn 2010". I wish to organizers further success!

"DECORATIVE WORLD", exclusive tableware to order.
Fedyaeva G.P., Director of VIP gifts department:
- We take part in "GIFTS EXPO. Spring 2010" for the first time. We are impressed by exhibition's scale. Very beautiful, bright exhibition with festive atmosphere. We've got many useful contacts and information. Visitors' professional level is high. Our stand was visited by 30% of Moscow trade visitors and 70% of regional buyers: Siberian wholesalers, directors of purchasing departments' of Moscow, St.Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Samara, Voronezh trade chains, they proposed profitable collaboration. Corporate clients and shops' magazines from different Russian regions made orders. We will participate in "GIFTS EXPO. Autumn 2010".

"MASTERSKIE ZLATOUSTA", supplier of tableware for interior decoration.
Shatrov S., General Manager:
- "GIFTS EXPO. Spring 2010" trade fair is professionally organized. Excellent location in the very center of Moscow, near the Kremlin, 5 metro stations in 5 minutes afoot, very convenient both for exhibitors and visitors. We've got only positive emotions during 4 days of work at the stand. Comfortable, favorable ambience at the exhibition. A lot of visitors, 70% of regional buyers. We met our old customers and got many new contacts, orders and marketing information. The exhibition was held successfully. We will surely participate in "GIFTS EXPO. Autumn 2010". Thanks to organizers for efficiency.

"KIT-ALFARON", tableware and dining decor silver items.
Dolgopolov E., Advertising Department Director:
We are very glad with "GIFTS EXPO. Spring 2010" results, fair organizers have done their best to provide comfortable participation for exhibitors. Electric cars were free for exhibitors that made the unloading process easier. Our stand was visited by wholesalers, corporate clients, shops' directors from all over Russia. We'll certainly take part in "GIFTS EXPO. Autumn 2010". We wish good luck and further success!

"GONCHAR", ceramics manufacturing: souvenirs and traditional tableware.
Komarov A.V., General Manager:
- We've got good impression of "GIFTS EXPO. SPRING 2010". We are very content with professional level of visitors, only professionals visited our stand. We would like to notice that buyers came from all Russian regions. Probably we'll take part in "GIFTS EXPO. Autumn 2010" in September.


"TORZHESTVO", award and souvenir production.
Kaderkaeva O.N., individual enterpriser:
- We are very glad with participation in the Spring edition of "GIFTS EXPO"! Good organization, convenient location of exhibition complex, a lot of visitors. Professional level of visitors is high, 60% are regional buyers, 30% are Moscow visitors, 10% are foreigners. We will surely take part in "GIFTS EXPO. Autumn 2010".

ART STUDIO "KLASSIC", souvenir products: glass holders, family register books, gift sets, medals, orders.
Alimov A.V., individual enterpriser:
- "GIFTS EXPO. Spring 2010" organization is of very high level. First of all it's worth noting high professional level of visitors, most of them are regional and Moscow buyers.

"UPAKOVKA & STIL", souvenirs, gift wrapping.
Telegina L.S., Commercial Director:
- We liked "GIFTS EXPO. Spring 2010" trade fair. It's professionally organized, all the necessary documents for set up at the fair were sent to exhibitors beforehand, electric cars were paid by organizers. A lot of gift market professionals visited the fair during 4 days, our target audience. 60% of them were from Moscow, 40% were regional companies. We will regularly take part in "GIFTS EXPO" trade fairs. We wish to organizers success and prosperity!

"SINTEZ AGENCY", souvenirs, gifts wholesale, advertising agency.
Demina E.I., Manager:
- General impression of exhibition is good. A lot of visitors, mostly buyers, 60% of them were from Russian regions, 40% were from Moscow. We'll participate in "GIFTS EXPO. Autumn 2010".

"SAGERT", engraving and engraving equipment.
Zakharov V.V., Manager:
- Good impression of participation in "GIFTS EXPO. Spring 2010" trade fair, friendly staff, professional organization. A lot of regional visitors. We will certainly take part in the Autumn fair.


"SPS Trading", costume jewellery made of natural pearl.
Dzanaev E., General Manager:
- We are content with participation, we liked the fair organization. Our stand was visited by professionals from Magadan, Vladikavkaz, Rostov-on-Don, Kiev, Minsk, 80% were Moscow buyers. We will join "GIFTS EXPO" trade fair in September.

"CITY STAR", costume jewellery, hair accessories, leather goods.
Dikun O.V., Commercial Director:
- Positive impression of participation in "GIFTS EXPO. Spring 2010", most of visitors are professionals from Russian regions (65%). We'll participate in September fair.

"BIJOUX PLUS", costume jewellery and hair accessories.
Novikova I.A., General Manager:
- Everything is excellent as usually! Perfect organization, high professional level of visitors. In spite of world economic situation we found new clients. We'll surely take part in the next trade fair in September.

KOSTIBAS FASHION, costume jewellery (Greece).
Mania V.V., General Manager:
- Excellent exhibition, a lot of professional visitors! Visitors' geography is all Russian regions. We are going to participate in "GIFTS EXPO. AUTUMN 2010".

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