«GIFTS EXPO. AUTUMN 2010» exhibitors’ comments


REMEKO, wholesale of gifts, tableware, interior items and souvenir products, 18 years in the market.
Egorova O.A., Advertising & PR Department Director:
- The advantages of the fair: central location of "Gostiny Dvor" exhibition complex, exhibitors and visitors are specialists of the sector: wholesalers, shops' directors, designers, corporative clients. We'll certainly participate in the next "GIFTS EXPO" trade fair. We wish success in organization of the next fairs!

IMPERIA BOGACHO, manufacturer of high quality furniture & interior items.
Smirnova V.A., Sales Development Deputy General Manager:
- We are regular participants of "GIFTS EXPO" trade fair. The latest trends of the market are presented at the fair. The fair was well organized; we were awarded by the certificate for creation our own style in the interior art.
Regional visitors always come to the fair. We like the fair concept - establishing of business contacts among manufactures suppliers and customers. During the year the organizers held a large advertising campaign that attracted many new visitors from regions. Our stand was visited by old partners (60%) and new clients (40%). Good impression of the fair, good results, many orders. We wish further development of the fair. We'll participate in the next "GIFTS EXPO" fair.

DECORATOR, interior items.
Porotikov G., General Manager:
- The fair has passed successfully, there were a lot of regional wholesalers, big market players among visitors. We are glad, keep it up!

AVAL-O, toys.
Yandulova O.G., General Director:
- The fair is well organized. A lot of visitors, many of them made orders. 70% of visitors are from Moscow, 30% are regional buyers.

AsiaTides, interior items, tableware.
Dvornikova N., Project Director:
- We participated in "GIFTS EXPO" trade fair for the first time and liked it very much. The general impression is very pleasant and festive. We noticed that exhibitors took most seriously the presentation of their products at stands. Both Russian manufacturers and importers exhibited products of high quality. We had many useful contacts, especially with regional wholesalers. Our stand was visited by regional buyers (60%) and Moscow buyers (40%). Among visitors there were wholesalers, designers, individual entrepreneurs, representatives of mass media.

COLOR FISH, souvenir, decorative ceramics products.
Litvinova N., Director:
- Thanks for organizing the Autumn trade fair! Visitors of our stand were mostly regional buyers (70%), from such cities as Khabarovsk, Tambov, Orel, Tula, Voronezh, Vladivostok, Kaliningrad, Norilsk etc. We will certainly take part in the next fair! Good luck!

AVA-DESIGN STUDIO, interior items, home & office accessories.
Voskresenskaya V.V., General Director:
- We have positive impression of the fair, it was well organized, many visitors and orders. The professional level of visitors is high, 80% of them came from Russian regions. We will participate in the next "GIFTS EXPO" fairs.

SVETA SUVOROVA DESIGN, exclusive clock.
Suvorova S.V., brand founder:
- The fair has passed successfully. Central location of the exhibition complex, a lot of exhibitors and visitors, good service and the most important thing is strong demand for our products. Our stand was visited by internet shops, trade nets, shops' directors, corporative clients. We will surely participate in the Spring fair. I wish to the organizers not to lower the exhibition level. Only increase!

FUNNY FELT, designer handmade toys & souvenirs.
Visnapu L.V., General Director:
- "GIFTS EXPO. Autumn 2010" has passed well, even better than the last year's fair. Competent exhibitors' placing, good exhibitors' surroundings. There were a lot of visitors interested in our products, we've got many orders. The stand was visited by 80% Moscow specialists, 10% - from St. Petersburg, 10% - from other cities. We'll take part in the next "GIFTS EXPO" fair, we ask the organizers to arrange exhibitors stands so efficient as this time.

SALTAN E.V., individual entrepreneur, designer souvenir products, 11 years in the market:
- We liked the fair. Premium exhibition ground, ancient architecture, light hall, it was comfortable to work. The stand was visited by wholesalers and other professionals of the market, 45% of them were from the Russian regions and 55% - from Moscow. Many orders were placed for the whole year.

ART GALLERY "DREVO" / BIRSO-HOLDING, art gallery, floral salon, event organization.
Kondratieva K., Manager:
- We are glad with participation in "GIFTS EXPO. Autumn 2010", the fair is organized at high level. "GIFTS EXPO" trade fair reflects gift & souvenir & interior decoration market trends. Twice a year professionals of the market meet at this fair to make bargains and exchange marketing information. The fair was visited by wholesalers, 60% of them were from regions, 40% - from Moscow. We've got many orders, our expectations are fulfilled.

GOROD PODARKOV, handmade gifts.
Razdomina N.A., General Manager:
- We are satisfied with participation. High professional level of visitors, many regional wholesalers specializing in gifts (70% are regional visitors, 30% are Moscow). Perfect results. Professional organization. Our company will take part in "GIFTS EXPO. Spring 2011" and "GIFTS EXPO. Autumn 2011". See you!

PRESENT, souvenir and greeting goods.
Zenkova E.S., Art Director:
- We have pleasant impression, everything is traditionally well organized. 70% of buyers visited our stand were from Russian regions. We will participate in "GIFTS EXPO" trade fairs in 2011!

Mr. Adi Suryanto, Trade Attache.
- We liked "GIFTS EXPO. Autumn 2010" trade fair. Good organization, festive atmosphere, high level of exhibitors, quality products - all this formed high level of the trade fair. We were glad to see many buyers visiting our stands. We are very grateful for professionalism, attention and consideration of the organizers. We wish them success!

Naples Chamber of Commerce / Province of Naples (Italy)
Manuela Barzan, Director Com.Tur - Naples Chamber of Commerce Special Agency for Tourism:
- We are satisfied with the participation in the exhibitions "GIFTS EXPO. AUTUMN 2010" and "HOUSEWARE EXPO 2010". There was perfect organization of the exhibitions and high professional level of exhibitors as well as visitors. There were a lot of visitors. Mostly there were the specialists of that segment of market. Our booth was visited by Moscow (60%) and regional companies (40%).

C.T.F. srl - DEBORA CARLUCCI, producer of crystal gifts and lamps, ITALY.
- General opinion of "GIFTS EXPO AUTUMN 2010 & HOUSEWARE EXPO 2010" is positive: good fair and good organization. We are satisfied with the visitors' professional level, it's rather high. Regarding visitors' geography, our booth was visited by 80% of Moscow companies and 20% of regional buyers. We wish to the organizers of the next exhibition "GIFTS EXPO & HOUSEWARE EXPO 2011"to go on in this way.


"DECORATIVE WORLD", tableware.
Senatorov P.N., General Manager:
- Our company regularly participates in "GIFTS EXPO" trade fair, taking part at the same time in many other Moscow and regional fairs. I can say with certainty that we get orders for the whole year only at "GIFTS EXPO" trade fair, "TABLEWARE & DINING DECOR" salon. Excellent exhibition ground in the very center of Moscow. Organizers usually carry out a wide advertising campaign, as a result - many regional buyers (70%) come to the fair. The exhibitors are big companies that present products of high quality. Remarkable exhibition. Thanks for organization of the fair. We will surely participate next time. We wish success to organizers!

BOGEMIA / BELLA STAR S.R.O., tableware
Shamsutdinov U.D., General Manager:
- We take part in the fair for the first time. Remarkable fair ground "Manezh", near the Kremlin, very close to metro. The fair is visited by professionals of the market - entrepreneurs. 70% of them came from different Russian regions. Many contacts and orders, good fair organization. Attentive approach to exhibitors. Our stand was visited by wholesalers, shops' directors. We will certainly take part in the next fair. Grateful acknowledgment to organizers!

BELKHUDOZHKERAMIKA, tableware, interior items.
Kovalchuk I.N., Marketing Manager:
- We have the most positive impression of the fair. High organization level. Convenient location of the exhibition complex, light spacious beautiful hall. It was comfortable to work. Our collection was a success with visitors. A lot of contacts during and after the fair. Very convenient dates, high activity of visitors. After the fair the orders are confirmed. Many visitors - wholesalers from Russian regions, and from far cities: Khanty-Mansiysk, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Khabarovsk, Norilsk, Murmansk. We will participate in the next trade fair "GIFTS EXPO. Spring 2011", "TABLEWARE & DINING DECOR" salon.

Pronina A.N., Manager:
- "GIFTS EXPO. Autumn 2010" trade fair, "TABLEWARE & DINING DECOR" salon were held traditionally successfully. The stand was visited by different specialists, 70% of them were from Moscow, 30% - from regions. We'll take part in the next fair.

Gubareva T.B., Deputy Director:
- I'd like to pay attention to competent and accurate work of organizers. Probably I'll participate in the next "GIFTS EXPO" fair, "TABLEWARE & DINING DECOR" salon. The best wishes to organizers.

PETROVSKIY L.T.D., tableware & houseware.
Stupneva E., Marketing Department Manager:
- We liked the fair, many exhibitors and visitors, a lot of orders, thanks to organizers!


SOUVENIR SPb, souvenirs with logo.
Balyshev V.A., Chief Executive:
- Positive impression of the fair. Smart fair ground "Gostiny Dvor" - light and comfortable hall. The very center of Moscow. Festive atmosphere. Exclusive products were exhibited at stands. Many stands are professionally designed. Participation in such significant event is very important for our company. 70% of visitors came to the fair from Russian regions. We've got many orders. Thanks to organizers. We'll take part in the Spring fair.

ROSTR, promotional & business gifts.
Yanekin O.P., Regional Sales Deputy Director:
- Large exhibition presenting a wide range of gift & souvenir products. There were many visitors, their specialization corresponded to the declared subject of the event. Organizers carried out their work professionally, a wide advertising campaign attracted many buyers. We are satisfied with the results and we are going to participate next time.

FANTY, business games.
Demenok A., Marketing Director:
- We are very glad with participation in the fair, everything was well considered. Excellent fair ground, many visitors. Evidently, serious work was carried out to attract visitors, a wide advertising campaign was organized. Visitors are professionals of the market, many regional buyers, shops' directors, buyers from trade nets. Our stand was visited by regional representatives (65%) and Moscow companies (35%). Our company is going to participate in "GIFTS EXPO" trade fair, "BUSINESS SOUVENIRS & CORPORATIVE GIFTS" salon. We ask to extend fair's working hours till 7 pm. We wish success to the organizers. See you!

2 GAMES, games, chess, backgammon.
Strekalova I.A., Manager:
- We regularly participate in "GIFTS EXPO" trade fair, "BUSINESS SOUVENIRS & CORPORATIVE GIFTS" salon. "Manezh" exhibition complex situated in the center of Moscow is anyway very convenient both for exhibitors and visitors. Our stand was visited by professionals of the market: wholesalers, shops directors, PR managers, 60% of visitors came from regions. Organizers carried out efficient advertising campaign (outdoor, TV, radio, press advertising). Good results of the fair. Thanks to the organizers. Good luck!

DIKTUM-ART, glass holders.
Tsitsarkina O.I., Manager:
- "GIFTS EXPO" trade fair, "BUSINESS-SOUVENIRS & CORPORATIVE GIFTS" salon stably gladden by its organization, exhibitors and many visitors. The fair is visited by professionals: corporate clients, PR managers of big companies, banks, representatives of advertising agencies, 60% are regional companies, 40% are Moscow companies. We will take part in "GIFTS EXPO. Spring 2011" trade fair, "BUSINESS-SOUVENIRS AND CORPORATIVE GIFTS" salon in March. We wish organizers all the best.

SPEKTRUM LASER, laser engraving equipment, promotional products.
Kagonov A.A., Business Development Manager
- We liked the participation in "GIFTS EXPO" trade fair, we are going to take part next year. We are glad that many regional wholesalers visit this fair.


GLORIOUS / COEUR DE LION, costume jewellery.
Durasov M., General Manager:
- The "GLORIOUS" Company, Russian representative of the famous world brand Coeur de Lion, traditionally participates in "COSTUME JEWELLERY & ACCESSORIES" trade fair. In our opinion, the main task - communication with potential clients from regions - is successfully carried out here. Regarding our wishes to the organizers of next exhibitions, we would like to see more buyers from Moscow and North-Western region, particularly from St.Petersburg, who represent different trade areas and more journalists. In general we think that "COSTUME JEWELLERY & ACCESSORIES" trade fair considerably contributes to the development of the bijouterie & accessories sector. Thanks to the organizers and good luck!

ETALON JENAVI, manufacture of premium costume jewellery and souvenirs.
Korotkih A.V., Corporative Sales Department Director.
- "COSTUME JEWELLERY & ACCESSORIES" trade fair is a vector of market development. Manufacturers, suppliers and customers get together here, the further trends of bijouterie market development are being formed. Good fair organization, excellent stand design, perfect high quality products. A lot of professional visitors: regional buyers, shops' directors. 60% - regional visitors, 40% - Moscow. Many orders. We'll surely take place in the next fair in March.

VIANNA FASHION COMPANY, costume jewellery.
Karaganova Z.V., Manager of Business Development Department:
- We liked "COSTUME JEWELLERY & ACCESSORIES" trade fair. There were more professionals this year than before. Our stand was visited by regional buyers - 73%, among others - Moscow companies (15%) and representatives of the CIS companies (2%). We are going to take part in "COSTUME JEWELLERY & ACCESSORIES" trade fairs in 2011.


TREE LINE, Christmas products.
Knyazeva S., General Manager:
- A lot of exhibitors, beautiful stands, high quality products. Many visitors, especially from regions. Many contacts, we hope for good results in the future. We'll certainly take part in "GIFTS EXPO. Spring 2011" and "GIFTS EXPO. Autumn 2011" trade fairs, "CHRISTMAS & FESTIVE DECORATIONS" salon. We wish to the organizers all the best!

PHOENIX-PRESENT, Christmas products.
Belaya S.S., Sales Department Director:
- Excellent location, good fair organization, a lot of visitors. 70% of buyers visited our stand came from Russian regions.

DAVANA, Christmas products.
Kuritskaya N.N., General Manager:
- Everything was perfectly organized. Very beautiful, well designed exhibition: the hall, stands, products. Organizers did their best: wide advertising campaign, good organization of the exhibition. Many visitors from regions. All the best!

ARK / FB TEAM, Christmas products, gifts, souvenirs. More than 10 years at the market.
Chukalina O.A., Manager:
- Impression of "GIFTS EXPO. Autumn 2010" is favorable. As usually everything has passed successfully. Good results. Visitors are professionals of the market. 80% of them came from Russian regions, 20% - from Moscow and Moscow region. We'll take part in "GIFTS EXPO. Autumn 2011".

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