«GIFTS EXPO. SPRING 2011» exhibitors’ comments


IMPERIA BOGACHO, manufacturer of high quality furniture & interior items.
Smirnova V.A., Sales Development Deputy General Manager:

The "GIFTS EXPO. SPRING 2011" exhibition demonstrates that the market has formed largely thanks to this exhibition. Concept "producer- supplier - buyer" is working here. Our booth was visited by 80% visitirs from Moscow, 18% - from the regions, and 2% - foreigners. Organizers keep their obligations, give a lot of advertising, holding an exhibition in the most expensive exhibition complexes, but the price of participation are acceptable. The most visited exhibition in the year. We will participate "GIFTS EXPO" in the future.

EXPEDITION, gifts, souvenirs, goods for recreation and travel
Kruzhelev D.V., Head of Distribution:

- Organization of the exhibition is excellent. All goods are expensive, beautiful. There are many visitors: 50% are from Moscow, 50% are from the regions. I will participate in September exhibition.

Sergeev S.A. - CEO:

- The exhibition was well. I liked everything. We previously got all the necessary documents for entry, badges. We didn't have to spend much time on paperwork. The impression was very nice and festive. Participants had an excellent presentation of their goods. The level of goods of Russian producers as well as importers is high. Our booth was visited by representatives of advertising agencies, online shops, advertising departments of companies, corporate clients. I will participate in the next exhibition "GIFTS EXPO. AUTUMN 2011". I wish the organizers fruitful work and success!

PUP-PU. RU, online gift shop
Kripakova A.L. - manager:

- "GIFTS EXPO. SPRING 2011" was good. This year is much better than 2010. There were visitors, specialists: from Moscow - 60%, from Russia - 30%, 10% - were foreigners. We will participate in "GIFTS EXPO. AUTUMN 2011". I wish to organize the exhibition on the same high level as this time!

DINO ART, gifts and souvenirs
Voroncova O. I.:

- "GIFTS EXPO. SPRING 2011" was very well. Organizers made a good work and it was better than in previous years. We liked the concept of the exhibition, it is easy to make direct contacts between producers, suppliers and customers. During the year there was a wide advertising campaign. There were many visitors, included specialists from Moscow (60%) and regions (40%), representatives of regional companies and shops, big Moscow stores and trading networks.

GOBELEN ART, gobelin tapestry and pictures:
- The impression is good, the results are excellent. Visitors are the specialists from all over Russia. We will participate at the next exhibition.

UNI-G Glass, produce of decorative glass
Kobets I.K.:

- The exhibition is interesting for participants as well as for visitors. 90% of visitors are from the regions.

ALFLORA, interior, decor, exclusive gifts and souvenirs
Kiranova O.A., manager:

- Exhibition was large and more interesting than the previous ones. We had good contacts, interesting discussions. There were 20% of visitors from regions and the others were from Moscow. We will definitely participate "GIFTS EXPO. AUTUMN 2011"

OSMINOG, soft toys, accessories for flowers, trinkets, souvenirs
Uvarov I.A.:

- I really enjoyed the exhibition. There were many visitors, a lot of contacts. Exhibition Complex is large with high ceilings, where you never get tired. We will definitely participate in autumn exhibition.

GAVRILIN A.N., ceramic gifts, interior fountains
Gavrilin A.N.:

- This is an amazing opportunity for 4 days to show all goods to the representatives from all over Russia. I was satisfied with the exhibition. There were 10% of visitors from Moscow, 90% - from Russian regions. I'm going to participate in September exhibition.

HAIROV M. R. PI. gifts
Hairov M .R., director:

- The exhibition was held at a high level, excellent organization, a wide range of gift products. Visitors are professionals: from Moscow - 40%, regions - 60%. I will participate in the exhibition "GIFTS EXPO. AUTUMN 2011".

VIP MATRESHKA, souvenirs
Kobylianskia O.A., private entrepreneur:

- I enjoyed the exhibition. Received a lot of contacts for the future. I will participate in autumn exhibition.

PUBLISHING HOUSE "MERKURIY", gifts and souvenirs
Shiryaev F.V., commercial director:

- The impression of "GIFTS EXPO. SPRING 2011" is positive. The wide advertising campaign is held on television, radio, magazines, outdoor advertising, mail invitation cards. Among visitors there were industry experts, directors of shops, representatives of advertising agencies, corporate clients. There were 50% from Moscow, 40% from the regions, 10% from abroad. We will continue to participate in the exhibitions.

GOROD PODARKOV, souvenirs, medals, and diplomas
Razdomina N. A.:

- The impression of the exhibition is excellent. Found many trading partners and distributors. This is a serious event, well-organized. The main stream of visitors are professionals, the right audience. 40% of visitors are from Moscow, 60% from the regions.

MAPBAG, souvenirs
Butserka S.S.:

- The impression is positive. There was a wide range of goods, as expensive and exclusive, as in the low price category. A lot of visitors, the variety of visitors helped to make good business contacts. We had a lot of orders, a lot of commercial information. To participate and attend at this exhibition is very useful. I will participate in the next exhibition. Good luck!

KOROBOCHKA, gift wrap
Shevchenko E.V., CEO:

- Despite the seasonality of our business, the spring exhibition was successful. Almost all visitors were professionals, 70% of them are from the Russian regions, 30% - from Moscow. Keep it up!

SOLNECHNAYA PALITRA, laser engraving, souvenirs
Samokhin M. A., assistant CEO:

- The impression of exhibition is good. "MANEZH" Exhibition Complex is large, with high ceilings and a lot of light and air. The participants are professionals of industry, the goods are quality. Exhibitors demonstrate new directions. Convenient location (6 metro stations) is very helpful. There was a lot of contacts, because of wide assortment of professionals: corporate clients, representatives of advertising agencies, retailers, director of stores, designers and others. We will participate in the next exhibition "GIFTS EXPO. AUTUMN 2011".

SOVREMENNIE TECHNOLOGII , metal ornamental flowerpot
Skryabin V. I., manager:

- We are satisfied with the participation in the exhibition "GIFTS EXPO. SPRING 2011". Exhibitors are big companies, professionals of industry. The exhibition demonstrates the latest trends, new goods. The exhibition demonstrates the direction of business development for the year. The visitors are right audience, which know why they came and for what. Here there are commercial negotiations and exchange of professional information. This is very useful exhibition, and this year was much better than past. We will participate at September exhibition "GIFTS EXPO. AUTUMN 2011".

LIMOUSINE, 3D plastic consumer goods
Isakov M. R. - commercial director:

- The impression of the exhibition is good, there was a lot of contacts, orders, and exchanges of useful information. Visitors are professionals: 80% from Moscow, 10% from regions, 10% are foreigners. We will participate at the next show "GIFTS EXPO. AUTUMN 2011".

CRYSTAL ART, paintings, interior goods
Dobrova I. L., director of sales:

- We have a positive impression of the exhibition "GIFTS EXPO. SPRING 2011". Admit the high level of organization. Participants presented high-quality, beautiful products. Visitors are customers from all over Russia and CIS countries, foreigners. We will participate at the next exhibition on the 20th - 23th of September.

TRADING HOUSE DANILOV, handmade souvenirs and gifts
Chusheva O. A.:

- Every year we participate at the exhibition "GIFTS EXPO" and every year it becomes better and better. We liked good organization of the exhibition and the place, beautiful and comfortable. On the one hand it is old, historic building, on the other hand it's with different modern technologies. Convenient location of the exhibition, 6 metro stations in 5 minutes awalk. Visitors are wholesalers, store owners, retailers and corporate customers. This is the best exhibition in Moscow. We wish the organizers success!

GIVIE PEYZAGI (live landscapes), souvenirs and gifts
Strelec S. S.:

- As always, we have a good impression of the exhibition, which were held on a high level. Visitors are different specialists. There were a lot of business contacts, everything was perfect. I wish the organizers success!


BOHEMIA. RU, wholesale tableware high quality
Korol P. A., commercial director:

"GIFTS EXPO. SPRING 2011" was excellent. We have a positive impression. This is good business platform. Organizers made a good work. Despite spring season, there were a lot of exhibitors and a vast visitors. We will participate in autumn exhibition. Keep it up!

ANTARES GROUP, non-stick tableware
Zimnevich A. L., marketing director:

- We liked "GIFTS EXPO. SPRING 2011". First of all, it's held at the exclusive exhibition complex "MANEZH". It is very expensive ground, but the price for participation is low. There is convenient location with 6 metro stations around. There is always good organization and many visitors from different industries. My wish to the organizers to send more invitations to the experts. Good luck!

IYROSLAVSKII LEN, linen sheets, tableware, towels
Abdurakhmanova A.:

- We really liked the exhibition. We have good results, a lot of contacts with wholesalers, representatives of trading networks. We will participate in autumn "GIFTS EXPO".

CYBER CLEAN, distributors of cleansers "Cyber Clean"
Turubarov V.V.:

- Exhibition is good. Exhibitors are professionals of industry. Goods are high quality. "MANEZH" Exhibition Complex is the exclusive ground with modern technology. This is a very effective exhibition, because of a lot of professional contacts, a wide range of specialists and geography of visitors. There was good organization. Special thanks to Evgenia Rusalkinoy.

DICTUM- ART, glass holders, textiles, souvenirs
Lebedeva A., manager:

- We liked the exhibition. There was the convenient location, a wide variety of goods, many participants, visitors and many new contacts. The results of the exhibition are good. We surely will take a part in "GIFTS EXPO. AUTUMN 2011".

GONCHAR, traditional tableware and souvenirs
Komarov A. V.:

- We have a good impression of "GIFTS EXPO. SPRING 2011". There were many visitors, right audience. We will participate in the next exhibition. But we have the request to limit exhibitors to use sound effects.

GLASS CLOCK, producer of glass wall clocks
Bereznikov A.M.:

- I liked the exhibition. It was on a high level. The participants are large companies with goods of quality. Everything was done by the organizers and the administration of "MANEZH" to feel comfortable to participate. Visitors were different: wholesalers, representatives of trading networks, the directors of major retail stores. 60% of them are from Moscow, 35% are from Russian regions and 5% - foreigners. We plan to participate at the next "GIFTS EXPO".


VESTA ALPHA TC, souvenirs, jewelry
Popova O.V., head of sales:

- Traditionally the latest market trends has been represented at "GIFTS EXPO. SPRING 2011". This is the guide for specialists in development of gifts and souvenirs, tableware, Christmas decorations markets. There were a lot of visitors: specialists from Russia, from Moscow region. The organization was on a high level.

ELGA, glass gifts with views of the city
Kirillov A. G.:

- This is a good fair, well organized with lots of visitors (50% are from Moscow, 50% from the regions). Keep it up!

LEDD COMPANY, business souvenirs
Timchenko V.:

- We liked the fair. We liked the "MANEZH" Exhibition Complex, which located in the center of the city. This is convenient for all, exhibitors and visitors. There was a very good atmosphere, a lot of wholesalers and orders. The visitors of out booth were 70% from Moscow and 30% are from the regions. We will certainly participate at the next "GIFTS EXPO".

ROSarms, knives and souvenirs
Somova V. V., manager:

- The fair is good. Many visitors: 30% are from Moscow, 20% from Moscow region, 35% from regions and 15% are the foreigners. We don't have special requests. Continue working as well!

AKVAREL, business souvenirs
Prus E. S., manager:

- "GIFTS EXPO. SPRING 2011" is a thematic exhibition, where large domestic producers, distributors, importers of gifts and souvenirs participate. Visitors are wide range of specialists from the Russian Federation. For our company the participation in this exhibition is very profitable. We demonstrated the goods for the whole of Russia. We have a lot of useful contacts for the future. We will participate at autumn exhibition "GIFTS EXPO".

VS REKLAMA, miniatures, statues
Romanova O.N., commercial director:

- I liked everything. The result of the fair is good. We shall certainly take part at "GIFTS EXPO. AUTUMN 2011".

BUTIK "ELITE", books
Ahmentov R., CEO:

- "GIFTS EXPO. SPRING 2011" is super! We have a lot of interesting contacts. 70% of visitors are from regions, 30% are from Moscow. The organizers are doing an expensive advertising. We will participate in autumn exhibition 20th-23th September.

PUBLISHING HOUSE "OPEN BOOK", gift baskets with books, VIP-gifts
Merkulova O. O., deputy CEO:

- The exhibition was well, we had a lot of contacts. Most of visitors are from Moscow (90%) and from the regions (10%). We will participate at the exhibition "GIFTS EXPO. AUTUMN 2011". Good luck!

SHERLOCK, gifts, accessories, hookahs, tobacco products, producer of commercial equipment
Tesakova E.N.:

- We have a positive impression of the fair. There were visitors with high professional level. Entry for participants should be from 9 a.m.

ELITE BOOK, luxury gift products made of genuine leather
Evseeva O. A.:

- We liked the fair very much. 70% of visitors are from the Russian regions, 30% are from Moscow. I wish organizers to stay on the same professional level. We will continue participate in "GIFTS EXPO"!

POKERSETS.RU, poker sets, wow-gum, wow-cub
Korobov S. B., art director:

- The exhibition is effective, the audience is right. 50% of visitors are from Moscow, 50% are from regions. I'll be at the next fair.

SOFTLICHT, souvenirs made of wood
Ivzan S., CEO:

-The impression of the exhibition "GIFTS EXPO. SPRING 2011" is positive. There were necessary contacts. There were many corporate clients and advertising agencies, as well as wholesalers and retailers. 48% of them are from Moscow, 50% are from regions, 2% from Lithuania, Ukraine. I wish prosperity to the exhibition!


REFLECTION OF ST. PETERSBURG, gifts and accessories
Gruenberg O. - designer:

- The level of organization and carrying out of exhibitions was good and professional. Visitors are very diverse specialists, 95% of them are from Moscow. I plan to participate at the next exhibition "GIFTS EXPO. AUTUMN 2011".

JEWELLERY ROCK-N-ROLL, producer of jewelry, miniature sculptures, souvenirs, more than 10 years on the market
Seleznev A. K., manager:

- There was good organization of the fair, good location. We are satisfied by results of the exhibition. There were visitors with a high professional level are: specialists, store directors, wholesalers, representatives of network shops. 60% of them were from the Moscow region. We will participate at autumn exhibition.

INVEST COMMUNICATIONS, wholesale costume jewellery and accessories
Khalilov A.R., CEO:

- "GIFTS EXPO. SPRING 2011" salon "COSTUME JEWELLERY & ACCESSORIES" are very interesting exhibitions: good exhibition complex, convenient location, a lot of advertising of the fair on television, radio, banners, invitation cards. The organization of the exhibition was professional. There were a lot of visitors from different regions. I plan to take part at autumn exhibition. Good luck!

CALIPSO, wholesale jewellery and accessories:
- We liked the fair. 70% of visitors are from Moscow, 30% from the regions. We will participate at the next fair at 20th-23th September in the "MANEZH".

PRINCHIPESSA, wholesale jewellery and hair accessories
Slavina, O., PR-manager:

- We participated at "GIFTS EXPO. SPRING 2011" salon "COSTUME JEWELLERY & ACCESSORIES" for the first time. We liked "MANEZH" complex, it's beautiful old architecture and modern technology. Participants of the exhibition were the largest Russian and foreign companies. Visitors were professionals, mostly the wholesalers, many visitors from the regions of Russia and Moscow region. Plan to participate at autumn exhibition "GIFTS EXPO. AUTUMN 2011" salon "COSTUME JEWELLERY & ACCESSORIES".

SHLYAPNYA FANTASIA, producer of headwear and accessories
Zharikova S. G.:

- The exhibition was great, well-organized. We will definitely participate at autumn exhibition "COSTUME JEWELLERY & ACCESSORIES".

LJUIK, producer of hats and accessories
Ljuik O. V.:

- The fair was well, I had got a lot of business contacts. Certainly, I will participate at the next exhibition!

NATURAL WORLD, producer of wraps:
- The exhibition was excellent. I admit high level of organization. 80% of visitors are from Moscow, 20% are from the regions. We hope next exhibition will be open until 7 p.m. I'll be participate at the next fair. Good luck at your work!

ZUBCOVSKII O. N., producer of leather goods
Zubtsovskii O. N.:

- I liked "GIFTS EXPO. SPRING 2011" salon "COSTUME JEWELLERY & ACCESSORIES". There were very nice hall, booths, exhibits. There was good organization. My booth was visited by specialists from the Moscow region (90%) and from the regions (10%). I will participate at "GIFTS EXPO" in September.

JEWELLERY MANUFACTURING DESIGN STUDIO ILIA PALKIN, interior decoration items made of silver, gold and enamel
Palkin I.V.:

- That's a great fair, lots of gift items, interior items. The results of the fair were good. 60% of the visitors are from the regions, 40% are from Moscow.

CLUB CAFE "FAMILY HOME", silver jewellery:
- The exhibition is organized on a high level: convenient location in the center of the city, near is Kremlin, good attendance. Visitors were trade organizations, professional buyers, corporate clients. We wish the organizers success at work, prosperity in business, love in personal life!

POTAPOV M. V., wholesale accessories
Potapov M. V.:

- "GIFTS EXPO. SPRING 2011" salon "COSTUME JEWELLERY & ACCESSORIES" was excellent! I liked the location of the exhibition, in the heart of the capital, near the Kremlin. There was good organization, well done! The enter was well organized, without a lot of paperwork. The level of visitors was high: directors of large stores and experts of industry. 30%-40% of visitors are from Moscow and Moscow region, 60%-70% are from the regions. I will participate at the next exhibition on 20th-23th September.

GOROLEV STUDIO, producer of accessories and headwear
Goroleva Z. V.:

- Exhibition "GIFTS EXPO. SPRING 2011" salon "COSTUME JEWELLERY & ACCESSORIES" was well. We had good results. The organization of the exhibition was better than in 2010. There were many professionals. Please increase the time of the exhibition to 7 p. m.


SLANA, producer of Christmas decorations
Tsygankov N. K., technical director:

- The impression of "GIFTS EXPO. SPRING 2011" was positive. The organizers provide an excellent opportunity to initiate business contacts with visitors from nearly 180 cities of Russia and CIS countries. It's make easier to identify what the demand in the regions and what goods are popular. The level of exhibitors and visitors is high. We will participate at the "GIFTS EXPO. AUTUMN 2011" on 20th -23th September.

ART-2A, producer and importer of Christmas handmade gifts and toys
Okhotnikova E.:

- "GIFTS EXPO. SPRING 2011" was better than in previous years. 90% of visitors are from the regions of Russia. We will participate in the next "GIFTS EXPO. AUTUMN 2011".

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