New collections of fashionable accessories at COSTUME JEWELLERY AND ACCESSORIES. SPRING 2012

International Specialized Trade fair COSTUME JEWELLERY AND ACCESSORIES. SPRING 2012 will be held at the same time with the Biggest in Eastern Europe International Exhibition project GIFTS EXPO. SPRING 2012 in March, 19-22 in MANEZH Exhibition Complex, Moscow, Russia. The latest collections of jewellery, accessories and fashionable accessories will be presented at the fair.

Among the participants of COSTUME JEWELLERY AND ACCESSORIES. SPRING 2012 it would be appropriate to mark out such leading companies and fashion houses, as:
Estet - Jewellry House (Bijou Tresor) will present world-famous brands of costume jewellery: Rodrigo Otazu, Philippe Ferrandis, Ed Hardy, as well as their own line of jewellery. Bijou Tresor is the exclusive distributor of the well- known clock brand Moog in Russia. It represents a collection of interior accessories decorated with Swarovski crystals world famous brand ..Simon.
Vianna Fashion Company will present costume jewellery and accessories: products with a galvanic covering, precious metals and inserts from fianit and other materials, design necklaces from natural stones, products from steel with a covering of high-quality enamel and inserts from murano glass, jewellery for kids, accessories for hair of high quality.
French Style presents unique costume jewellery of French quality and design at the prices of producers: natural stones, metal accessories for costume jewellery, necklaces, bracelets, brooches, pendants, earrings, rings, hairpins, cosmetic accessories, scarves.
Beauty Land will present costume jewellery, accessories for hair and leather accessories.
City Star will present costume jewellery, accessories for hair and leather accessories from South Korea, China and Europe.
Glorious is the exclusive sales representative and exclusive distributor of the several jewellery brands which are well-known all over the world: MYKA, Maja Bremer (a designer from anada (VIP-Premium); Coeur de Lion, arola Ecrodt, a designer from Germany (Premium); Glorious, own trade mark (Low Premium).
Lady Accessories is a Russian-Korean costume jewellery and hair accessories wholesale company. There are items made from plastic, leather, metal Swarovski crystals in the range of companys goods.
Calipso will present stylish and modern accessories and costume jewellery.
Golden-Gala will present costume jewellery, hair accessories and fancy goods small.
Dollipops will present costume jewellery, hair accessories and hairpins with Swarovski crystals and other kinds of glass.
RIF is producer of jewellery from silver, as well as necklaces, bracelets and other items from natural, semiprecious and artificial stones.
Jan & Valery Co will present items with amber of unusual color: Caribbean (blue, green), white, dark cherry, honey, Baltic green and many-colored amber in sterling silver.
Il Fiore Proibito (Italy) will present stylish jewellery with Venetian murine.
Murano Art will present hand made jewellery of high quality and design made from murano glass by famous Venetian producers.

Moreover the following companies will participate in COSTUME JEWELLERY AND ACCESSORIES. SPRING 2012: Bottega Murano, Murano Club, Artebaleno, PJ Murano, Bijuland, Treffen, Yaroslavna Dobryanskaya, Kolibry, La variete, Astarta, Bohemia Crystal, Legna, Divetro, Krikos, Akcent, Alpa Gloves, Unbijou, Anselean, Anta, ArtDiOro, Art-Silver, Beejar, Briant, Paperplane, Danlex-M, Dafni Design, JazzTime, Imperl, Impuls, Italina, Kleynot, Pearls Island, Sun Impex Luxe, Severnaya Chern, Sofia, Soyuz TD, Forvator +, Centreplus and others.

More than 300 companies will participate in the exhibition project COSTUME JEWELLERY AND ACCESSORIES. SPRING 2012 on total area of 6 000 sq. m. Among them there are leading Russian and foreign companies from Spain, Italy, Poland, Latvia, India, Japan, Belarus and Ukraine. The collective national exposition from China will be organized at the fair.

See you at GIFTS EXPO. SPRING 2012
19-22 of March, MANEZH Exhibition Complex
Moscow, Russia

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