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Post Release. The results of XX Jubilee Exhibition project “GIFTS EXPO” – “CHRISTMAS & FESTIVE DECORATIONS” – “HOUSEWARE EXPO” - “COSTUME JEWELLERY"!

International Specialized Exhibition project “GIFTS EXPO. SPRING 2013” – “CHRISTMAS & FESTIVE DECORATION” – “HOUSEWARE EXPO” - “COSTUME JEWELLERY & ACCESSORIES” was successfully held on the 18 – 21 of March in Moscow, at “GOSTINY DVOR” Exhibition Complex. For the 20th time the exhibition gathered together the leading manufacturers and suppliers of gifts, business souvenirs, elite stationery, interior decorations, tableware, Christmas and festive products, fashion jewellery and accessories. The exhibition project “GIFTS EXPO” showed again that it’s the most effective and most prestigious business-event in Russia and the CIS countries for the present day. The growth of quantitative and qualitative indicators is the best confirmation.
XX Jubilee Exhibition project collected a large number of guests, both participants and visitors. Compared with the previous Spring edition, the exhibition space became twice bigger and amounted to 12,800 sq. m. The number of participants has increased by 30% to 396 companies, including 60 companies from Russian regions and 34 foreign companies from Germany, Poland, Israel, UAE, China, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Ukraine, Belarus, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan. National exposition from Sicily (Italy) under the support of the Ministry of Economic Development of Sicily was organized at the fair.
The number of specialists from regions and foreign countries has increased by 18%. During 4 days of the exhibition a record number of visitors – 25 932 were registered, among them 9 145 - from Russian regions and foreign countries and 16 787 - from Moscow and the Moscow region.
Despite the fact that the major calendar holidays were over and the souvenir market participants noted a seasonal decline in the segment, the theme of gifts remains actual, gifts are necessary for all and always!

Traditionally “GIFTS EXPO” has included the salons:
Suppliers of gifts and souvenirs for the interior design, decoration, ethnic décor, decorative furniture has admitted that the demand for gifts and home accessories is growing every year. The regional representatives are especially active. The latest trend in interior design is a returning to the kitsch and art nouveau style. Classical decor is diluted by a bright accent. This may be using of bright colors in the pastel gamma or adding of individual details which are differ from the general style of interior (for example, the elements of high-tech or art deco are using in the classic design). Another trend is using of floral prints and floral themes in textiles (trend of spring and summer season, descended from the world\'s fashion-podiums). The products made of natural materials (ceramics, clay, and glass, wood) and fabrics (cotton, linen, wool) are also popular. The ecotheme has not lost it’s relevance.
The “BUSINESS GIFTS, SOUVENIRS, ELITE STATIONERY” salon has demonstrated again a huge variety of products for any goals and needs. Products of European manufacturers are popular in the segment of expensive and exclusive VIP-gifts, and the inexpensive and promotional gifts.
Pens, mugs, t-shirts and baseball caps, bags, USB-flesh drives, wall and table clocks, diaries, calendars are still the most popular among business souvenirs. However, many customers are already “tired” of ready solutions; there is a need for a new supply of corporate gift. Therefore, more and more customers are attracting creative agencies, which are ready to develop a gift idea for a particular client, consider company particularities and activity. This creates a completely new and unique product.
According to the opinion of leading companies’ of “TABLEWARE & DINING DÉCOR” salon, there are several directions of tableware fashion now. Tableware made of porcelain in the neoclassical style is popular. At the same time fashion to apply initials or family crest is reappeared. From the usual dishes such set becomes a family heirloom. The combination of antique bronze, silver, gold is still remains, but the manufacturers try to reduce such decoration. Despite of the charm of classics, modern consumer demands from tableware not only beauty, but also practicality. Ability to use in everyday life, such as in a microwave oven, comes to the forefront. In the decoration of tableware colorless embossed drawing in the form of airy lace, made of the same material is also popular. For example, with porcelain on porcelain, with glass on glass.
Combination of dishes from two or three different sets in the separate individual set is another trend. You can combine the dishes of different colors, materials or textures. The main is to save the same classic shape of plates: round, oval or square.
Eco-style does not give up it’s positions. Plates, cups, glasses, cutlery made of wood, bamboo, clay are trendy cuisine accessories, but loose in everyday use. The concept of environmental security of Russian consumer is still formed on the level of fashion western trend, without deep thought and study concepts. Therefore, the manufacturers are offer tableware, which stylized like eco-style, which is very comfortable, and can be used in the dishwasher and with chemical detergents.
As experts of “CHRISTMAS AND FESTIVE DECORATIONS” promise, fashion colors of Christmas decorations in the coming season it’s the timeless classics - red and gold, new spirited solutions - green and bright purple and the most relevant from Western manufacturers it’s frozen mint. Will this color be as popular on Russian market, it’s difficult to say. However, as the representatives of foreign companies say, in the creation of new collections, they often focus on the tendencies in the fashion world.
Using of flowers is the new trend in Christmas decorations. Of course, this direction existed before, but now designers propose to replace Christmas decorations by flowers and floral design. And these flowers can be made of textile, plastic or lace and feathers.
Due to the fact that the Christmas and New Year holidays are far behind, the exhibitors have tried to demonstrate not only the main New Year\'s products, but also more relevant for the spring season of Easter and different floral products. Some companies presented separate line of Easter decorations for the home and rooms: toys, rabbits, chickens, birds home decoration items and etc. Also at the show you could see varied floral design: artificial flowers and plants for interior decorations and bouquets compositions, ready floral compositions for the interior and etc.
At the Specialized Trade fair “COSTUME JEWELLERY & ACCESSORIES. SPRING 2013” the most actual tendencies of fashion costume jewellery and accessories were presented. According to the companies-participants’ opinion, the must-have list of spring-summer season will be included:
- Massive pendants, neck decorations, rings in the form of animals: owls, leopards, turtles, horses, dragonflies, butterflies, snakes and even spiders. Animalistic theme also finds expression in prints of accessories, layered bracelets and wrist straps of leather and suede.
- Overhead collars will come from winter wardrobe to the summer. Moreover, the experts recommend touse this accessory, as an independent jewelry, and as an additional element to the clothes. Variations are: lace, beads or sequins, with imitation gemstones, metal, studded or leather.
- Seasonal decorations - bracelets and rings for the leg.
- Ethnic is still at the peak of popularity! Earrings, necklaces, jewelry, accessories in the eastern, African or Greek style it’s the trend of the season.
- Bracelets made of plastic and rubber by a unique system. It seems that this bracelet is made of python skin or glass.
- The basic colors are: white, flesh-colored, turquoise, all shades of emerald green, lemon yellow, bright orange, coral.
More information about the fairs – exhibitions list, exhibitor’s comments, photo- and video reports and statistics you can find at the official web-sites www.gifts-expo.com and www.houseware-expo.com

See you in Moscow, at “GOSTINY DVOR” Exhibition Complex:

5–8 of September 2013

17-20 of September 2013

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